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Amigurumi Bunny Valentine Free Pattern

Amigurumi Bunny Valentine pattern, cute bunny velentine amigurumi gratis

Amigurumi Bunny Valentine materials

Alize Cotton Gold No. 21-base color

Alize Cotton Gold No. 149 Dress

YarnArt jeans No. 70-boots and brows

YarnArt jeans No. 74-panties

YarnArt jeans No. 01 – whites of the eyes and frill on boots

Pekhorka Children’s novelty No. 180-spout

Pastel for tinting pink

Glare eyes 8 mm

Hook number 2



Plastic for insoles

pastel pink

Amigurumi Bunny Valentine Conventions

sc – single crochet

double crochet dc

ss2n-column with 2 crochets



dec3in1 – decrease from 3 loops

ch-air loop

hdc-half crochet

sl-st-conn. column

(6) – number of loops

*6-number of repetitions

Amigurumi Head

1) 8sc into magic ring (8)

2) 8 inc (16)

3) (1sc,inc)*8 (24)

4) (3sc,inc)*6 (30)

5) (2sc,inc,2sc)*6 (36)

6) (5sc,inc)*6 (42)

7) (3sc,inc,3sc)*6 (48)

8) (7sc,inc)*6 (54)

9-17) 54sc (9 rows)

Insert eyes between 16 and 17 rows

18) (4sc,inc,4sc)*6 (60)

19-24) 60sc (6 rows)

25) (4sc,dec,4sc)*6 (54)

26) (7sc,dec)*6 (48)

27) (2sc,dec,2sc)*8 (40)

28) (3sc,dec)*8 (32)

29) (1sc,dec,1sc)*8 (24)

30) (2sc, dec) * 6 (18) sl-st, cut the thread.


Insert the needle into the bottom hole of the part: withdraw at point A, insert at point B, withdraw at point C.

Lead to point D, bring down. Tie the two ends of the thread. Now, again, insert the needle into the hole from the bottom of the part and bring it out at point A, bring it to point B. Bring it to point D (between 5 and 6 rows from the lower edge of the eyes down) and bring it to point E. Next, bring the needle to point D , bring it to point B and bring it to point G and lead it to point Z. Amigurumi Bunny Valentine

Bring the needle down and tighten well, tie both ends of the thread. Amigurumi Bunny Valentine


1) 6sc(6)

2) 6inc (12)

3)(1sc,inc)*6 (18)

4)(1sc,inc,1sc)*6 (24)

5)(3sc,inc)*6 (30)

6-11)30sc (6 rows)

12)(8sc,dec)*3 (27)

on the first part of the thread

fasten and cut.

We knit the second part in the same way, but we do not cut the thread, we continue to knit further.

Dial 2 ch, attach the second part, knit 27sc in one part, 2sc along the ch chain, 27sc along the other part, 2sc along ch. (58)

Make sure that the reductions are in the center of the part. Amigurumi Bunny Valentine

1)(27sc,dec)*2 (56) move marker 1 st


2)(25sc,dec3in1)*2 (52) shift marker 1 st


3)(23sc,dec3in1)*2 (48),shift marker 1 st


4)(21sc,dec3in1)*2 (44) move marker 1 st


5)(19sc,dec3in1)*2 (40) move marker 1 st


6) 40sc

Work sc to end of row (Pic 12)

Do not stuff the part.

Fold the part, knit for both walls of the loop, leave the thread for sewing.

Fold the ear with an accordion and sew 3 loops

Sew on ears in row 3. Embroider eyebrows, whites of the eyes. Embroider the nose and mouth.

Toned ears and cheeks. Amigurumi Bunny Valentine


2 details

1)6sc into magic ring (6)

2)6inc (12)

3)(1sc,inc)*6 (18)

4-6)18 sc (3 rows)

7) 5sc, popcorn (3cc2n in one loop, knitted with one top), ch, 12sc (18)

8) 18sc

9)(4sc,dec)*3 (15)

10)(3sc,dec)*3 (12)

11-15)12sc (5 rows)

Change the thread to the color of the dress:


17)ZZSP 12sc (12)

18-26)12sc (9rows)

Work 3 sc (you may have a different number of loops) to the end of the row, so that the hook is above the thumb. Stuff only the brush. Fold the part and knit for both walls of the loop.


2 details

Brown color

1) Cast on a chain of 6ch, starting from the second loop from the hook: 4sc, 3sc in one loop. Continue on the other side: 3sc, inc (12)

2)inc,3sc,3inc,3sc,2inc (18)

3)1sc,inc,3sc,(1sc,inc)*3.3sc, (1sc,inc)*2 (24)

4)2sc,inc,3sc,(2sc,inc)*3.3sc, (2sc,inc)*2 (30)

5)ZZSP 30sc (30)

6-7)30sc (30)

Move the marker to the middle of the heel. Cut out the insoles and glue them on.

Change thread to white:

10)ZZSP 18sc (18)

11-12)18sc (18)

without cutting the white thread, attach the gray one.

13)ZZSP 18sc (18)

14-26)18sc (13 rows)

8)6sc,(1sc,dec)*6.6sc (24)

9)6sc,6dec,6sc (18)

Change the thread to light pink.

27-29)18sc (3 rows) sl-st, thread cut. On the second leg in 29p, knit 17sc, 2ch. We connect the legs from the back. Attach the second leg, knit 18sc on the leg, 2sc on ch, 18 on the other leg. 2sc on ch (40)

We consider the connecting row as 1p of the body.

Now back to the left white thread.

In the first loop 1ch. Further according to the scheme:

in one loop: 1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc, 1sc (5)

in a trace. loop sl-st.

Continue like this until the end of the row. You should have 9 elements. Amigurumi Bunny Valentine


2-6)40sc (5 rows)

Change the thread to the color of the dress:

7)40sc (40)

8)ZZSP 40sc (40)

9)40sc (40)

10)(8sc,dec)*4 (36)

11-15)36sc (5 rows)

16)(7sc,dec)*4 (32)


18)(6sc,dec)*4 (28)

19-20)28sc (2 rows)

21)(5sc,dec)*4 (24)

22) in this row we will knit handles: 6sc, 6sc with a hand, 6sc, 6sc with a hand (24)

Change the thread to gray:

23)ZZSP 24sc

24)(2sc,dec)*6 (18)

25)18sc,sl-st. Leave the thread for sewing.

Sew on the head

Dress hem

Return to the 8th row of the body, knit with the color of the dress for the remaining front half loops.

1)2ch,40inc dc,sl-st (80)


3-5)2ch,120dc,sl-st (3 rows)

6)1ch,60dec sc,sl-st (60)

7)1ch,60sc,sl-st (60)

8) 2ch, 60 inc (3dc in 1 loop), sl-st (180)

Fasten the thread, hide.

Sleeve binding

Return to the 17th row of the hand, knit the flowers of the dress

for the remaining front half loop:


Fasten the thread and hide.

Congratulations! Your Valentine Bunny is ready!

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