Amigurumi fox Free Pattern

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* Crochet: 2.00mm

*bead fiber

*Electrical tape and wire (20cm) for the neck

*Eye: 10mm


Catania 388 scarlet

Catania 106 white (25gr)

Catania 162 brown (25gr)

Catania 380 blue (very little)

Catania 173 light blue (25gr)

Catania 130 cream color (25gr)


Mr: Magic ring

Ch: chain

sl-st: slip-stitch

SC: single crochet

INC: increase

dec: decrease

hdc: half double crochet

dc: double crochet

dcdec: double crochet decrease

TC: treble crochet

blo: knit from the back loop

flo: knit from the front loop

W: Three loops in the same loop


With brown rope

1) mr,6sc

2) 6INC : 12sc

3)(sc,inc) 6 : 18sc

4)(2sc,inc)*6: 24sc

5-9) 5 rows 24sc

10)(2sc,dec)*6 :18sc

11)(sc,dec)*6 :12sc

12-21) 10 rows 12sc Let’s move on to light blue rope

22-34)13 rows 12sc

35) Let’s make 6sc by combining the two ends and knitting together. Let’s leave yarn for sewing and finish.

** Let’s fill the hands tight and fill the arms loosely.

* Sew the sleeves to the lower part of the collar.


With brown rope

1) 6ch, second to inc,3sc, same chain 4sc to opposite side 3sc,inc: 14sc

2)sc,INC,3,4INC,3sc.INC.SC : 20sc

3)inc,5sc,(SC,INC)*4,5SC.INC : 26SC

4)2sc, 3INC, 4sc (*2, (sc,inc) 2.7sc,2INC : 35sc

5-10) 6 rows of 35sc

11)14sc,(dec,sc)*4, 9sc: 31sc

12)3sc,dec,6sc, 50, 6sc,dec,2sc: 24sc

13) 4sc,dec, 2sc, 4dec,4sc,dec, 2sc : 18sc

14)dec,14sc,dec : 16sc

15-25)11 rows 16sc

Let’s go to Kizilipe

26-31) 6 rows 16SC

32){inc,7sc)*2 : 18sc

33)(2sc,inc)*6 : 24sc

34-37) 4 rows, let’s finish.

** At the end of the 37th row on the other leg, let’s continue without cutting the rope.

We pass to the body:

We will join the two legs by pulling 6ch.

Let’s sink 5sc behind the marker on the other leg.


1)24sc right leg, 6sc chain, 24sc left leg 6sc chain : Let’s attach the 60 SC marker.


3)24sc,1inc,sc)*3.24sc, (*3 : 66sc

4) (sc,inc) 2, 48sc, (inc,sc)*2, 10sc : 70sc

5)(2sc,INC)*2, 46sc, (inc,2sc)*2, 12sc: 74sc

6-10)5 rows 74sc

11) 6sc 3dec,(12sc, 2dec)*2,12sc 3dec, 12sc: 64sc


13)20sc.(dec,sc)* 6, 26sc: 58sc


Let’s move on to the light blue rope

15) 10sc,dec, 2sc,dec,20sc,dec,2sc,dec,16SC: 54sc

16-17) 2 rows 54sc

18)(7sc,dec)*2,14sc,dec.7sc,dec,11sc : 50sc

19) 50SC

20) 10sc,dec,20sc,dec, 16:48sc


22) BLO 48sc


24) 6sc,dec,4sc,dec,14sc,dec,4sc,dec,12sc:44sc


26) 8sc,dec,18sc,dec,14sc : 42sc

27-29) 3 rows 42sc

30) (5sc,dec)*6:36SC

31)(4sc,dec)*6 : 30sc



34-35)2 rows 18sc

36) BLO 18sc

37-39) 3 rows 18sc,sl-st let’s finish

**Let’s double the 20cm wire, wrap it a lot with electrical tape and put it on the neck. Let’s fill it up tight.


with cream color

1) Mr 6sc

2) 6INCH:12

3-5) 3 rows of 12sc

6) (inc,5sc)*2: 14sc

7) 5sc, 2dec, 5sc:12sc

8) 3inc,9sc:15sc

9) 7sc, BLO 3sc, 5sc:15sc

10)7sc to FLO of bottom row BLO 3,5sc:15sc

11) 5inc, 10sc : 20sc

12-14) 3 rows of 20sc

with brown


16) (inc,3sc)*4.4sc: 24sc

17-18)2 rows 24sc

19)(3sc,INC)*6 : 30sc


with red rope

28-29) 2 rows 30sc

Let’s fill the tail. Don’t be too tight. Let’s leave the tip blank.

30) Let’s combine the two ends and make 15sc. Let’s leave a thread to sew. Let’s sew the bottom part of the skirt.


1) Mr,6sc

2) 6INC: 12sc

3)(sc,inc)*6: 18sc

4)(2sc,INC): 24sc

5)(3sc,inc )*6:30sc

 6)(4sc,inc)*6 36sc

7)(5sc,inc): 42sc


9)(7sc,inc)*6 : 54sc


11)(8sc,inc)*6 :60SC

12-18)7 rows 60sc

19) (9sc,inc)*6: 66SC


With cream rope


22)16sc,inc(sc,inc)*6, 8SC, (inc,sc)*6,inc,16sc: 80sc

23-26)4 rows of 80sc

27) dec,76sc,dec: 78sc



30) (10sc,dec)*6:66SC




34)(6sc,dec): 42sc


36)(4sc,dec)*6 = 30sc




2 pieces

With brown rope

1) mr,6SC

2-3) 2 rows of 6sc

4)(sc,inc)3: 9sc

5-7) 3 rows 9sc

8)(2sc,inc)3 12sc

9) (sc,inc) 6:18sc

10-12) 3 rows of 18sc

13)(2sc,inc) 6:24

14)(3sc INC) : 30SC

14)(4sc,inc)*6 36SC

15) 36SC

with red rope

16-17) 2 rows 36sc,sl-st, let’s leave a long rope and finish.

+* Let’s sew the ears to both sides of the crown hair as in the figure. (Ears will not be filled)


**We will put the eyes on the 19th row with 10sc intervals. Let’s make sure that it comes over the cheek protrusions while wearing it. Let’s make a white circle around the eyes as in the figure. To make the lashes, let’s separate the white thread into layers and embroider lashes with 2 layers of thread.

** Let’s make eyebrows with brown yarn. 5 rows above the upper end of the eye will be the front end of the eyebrow. Let’s make the back end 5sc long, sinking 3sc down.


With brown rope

1) 15ch, 14SC by attaching the rope to the full apex

2) 15ch, 14sc to the side loop

3) 15ch, 14sc to the side loop

4) 15ch to side loop, 14sc

5) 15ch to side loop, 14sc

We will make five front bangs: From the left

1) 6ch,5sc

2) 8ch, 7sc to the side loop

3) 10ch,9sc to the side loop

4) 8ch, 7sc to the side loop

5) To the side loop 8ch,5sc,sl-st

Let’s leave a long rope and finish it. Let’s plant the bangs as in the figure


With cream rope

1) Mr.6sc

2) 6INC : 12 sc

3) 12 sc

4)(sc,inc)*6 : 18sc

5-6)2 rows of 18sc

7)(2sc,inc)*6 : 24sc

8-9)2 rows 24sc

11) (3sc,in c)*6 : 30sc

12)(4sc,inc)*6 :, let’s leave a long rope and finish it.

Let’s embroider the tip of the nose with brown thread as in the figure. Let’s fill the nose a little and sew it to the face.


1) Attach the light blue thread to the BLO on the 22nd row of the body, 48sc

Let’s close it with sl-st at the end of the row and make 2ch.



4) BLO 96dc

5) BLO 96dc

6)FLO (SC,INC) until the end of the row: 144sc

7) Let’s finish with white thread (dc, dcinc) until the end of the row, with sl-st.

**Let’s put the light blue rope on the FLO of the BLO in the 4th row. (sc, İNC) until the end of the row: 144sc, Let’s switch to the white rope (dc, dcinc) until the end of the row, finish with sl-st.

**For the dress collar, let’s attach the white thread from the back to the middle of the FLO of BLO in the 36th row. to the right


2)(2 dc, dcinc)*6:24

3)(3dc, dcinc)*2, let’s finish the next loop with 4dc,3sl-st,3ch and the same loop with 4dc, (dcinc, 3dc)*2, sl-st.


With dark blue thread

1)16ch, 15sc

2-15)14 rows 15sc

16) Let’s connect the two ends and finish

For the middle of the ribbon

1) 11ch,9sc, 3sc into last loop, 7sc into opposite side of chain, inc

2)inc,8SC,4INC,8sc,inc,sl-st,long rope, let’s finish.

* Let’s sew the middle of the ribbon and sew it to Nunu’s hair,,

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