Amigurumi Christmas Decoration Pattern

Amigurumi Pine Tree Making Materials 1 La Mia Cottony Green Knitting Yarn – P30 1 La Mia Cottony Light Brown Yarn – P23 La Mia Mini Cottony Knitting Yarns for Decorations Fiber 2.5 mm hook abbreviations Mr: Magic ring sc: single crochet inc: increment dec: decrement w: 3sc to the same place Ch: Chain BLO: … Read more

Amigurumi Santa Mouse Free Pattern

Enjoy the free pattern of amigurumi Santa Mouse. A super cute crochet project when waiting for Christmas. You can embellish the coat with two little buttons for a more boyish version. Or add a sweet snowflake button to the hat and blush the cheeks for a girlish Santa. Make cute amigurumi Santa Mouse for Christmas … Read more

Amigurumi Christmas Gnome Free Pattern

We continue to share beautiful free amigurumi patterns for you. You can visit our website for Amigurumi christmas gnome Free Pattern. Abbreviations/Stitches Used back bar of the ch – horizontal bar on the backside of a ch BLO – work in the back loops only bo – bobble (described below under special stitches) ch – … Read more

Amigurumi Christmas Tree Free Pattern

Materials: – 100% cotton balls, green, pink and brown. – Crochet according to the thickness of the ball used. In this pattern I used cotton NINFA and crochet of 3’5mm. – Fill. – Flat 12 mm safety eyes (you can use the ones you like best). – Wire, tongs and bodybuilder’s tape (optional). – Hot … Read more

Amigurumi Santa Claus Free Pattern

You will need: About 50g each of Size 4 Worsted weight yarn in skin color, sweater color, stripe colors (I used Hobby Lobby’s I love this yarn for the project in colors ivory, red, white, and black) 12mm safety eyes Stuffing 3.75mm hook Needle for sewing Stitch marker ¾ cup Poly pellets (these are used … Read more

Amigurumi Christmas Elf Free Pattern

Amigurumi Christmas Elf free pattern and more. Christmas Elf in a hat with earflaps We continue to share amigurumi new year toys. here is the Amigurumi Christmas Elf free free pattern here. STITCHES YOU NEED TO KNOW: Magic ring sc: single crochet ss: slip stitch dec: decrease inc: increase c: chain Change the color. * … Read more