Christmas Little Reni Amigurumi Free Pattern

Discover the joy of crafting with our free Christmas Little Reni Amigurumi pattern! Perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike, this charming reindeer makes a delightful holiday decoration or a heartfelt handmade gift. Amigurumi Pattern, Follow our step-by-step instructions to create your own adorable Little Reni and add a touch of handmade magic to your Christmas Amigurumi celebrations.

Amigurumi Abbreviations

MR – magic ring

ch – chain

slst– Slip Stitch

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

inc– increase

dec– decrease

THA– You knit by taking the back strand of the stitch.

Christmas Little Reni Amigurumi- Materials

• Brown, light blue and

• White

• Hook 2.0 mm

• 9mm security eyes

• 8mm nose

• Wool needle

• Pair of scissors

• Stuffing and lots of love

Let’s start crochet the amigurumi deer pattern 🙂

Christmas Little Reni Amigurumi- Head

We are going to weave in a spiral with white yarn

Rnd 1. MR 6sc (6)

Rnd 2. 6 inc de sc (12)

Rnd 3. 1sc, 1inc *6 (18)

Rnd 4. 2sc, 1inc *6 (24)

Rnd 5. 3sc, 1inc *6 (30)

Rnd 6. 4sc, 1inc *6 (36)

Rnd 7. 5sc, 1inc *6 (42)

Rnd 8. 6sc, 1inc *6 (48)

Rnd 9. 7sc, * (54)

Rnd 10-19.54 sc (10 round)

We place the eyes in the middle of rounds 14 and 15 with 8 sc of distance. And the nose half of the little eyes on the turn 16 y 17.

Rnd 21. 7sc, 1dec *6 (48)

Rnd 22. 6sc, 1 dec *6 (42)

Rnd 20. 5sc, 1 dec *6 (36)

Rnd 21. 4sc, 1 dec *6 (30)

Rnd 22. 3sc, 1 dec *6 (24)

Rnd 23. 2sc, 1 dec *6 (18)

We fill, cut strand and lose in the fabric.

We have completed the amigurumi deer head. Now crochet ears 🙂

Ears x2

We are going to knit in WHITE color

Rnd 1. MR 5sc (5)

Rnd 2. 5 inc sc (10)

Rnd 3. 10 sc (1 round)

Rnd 4. 1sc, 1inc *6Rnd (18)

Rnd 5-7. 18sc (3 round)

We join the fabric and close it with sc. We cut long strand and we fold the piece to sew on the top of the head,

we place them counting from the magic ring, counterclockwise and to the right on the round 7.

Let’s crochet Christmas deer antlers amigurumi 🙂

Christmas Little Reni Amigurumi Horns x2

We crochet with white color

Rnd 1. MR 6sc (6)

Rnd 2. 1inc, 1sc *3Rnd (9)

Rnd 3-6. 9sc (4 round)

Long strand cutter, we match the fabric and we sew in the part top of the head, before the ears, just about rounds 4-5 and 6. The we are going to crochet the legs and the body part of the amigurumi deer pattern 🙂

Legs x2

We will weave in color


Rnd 1. MR 6 sc (6)

Rnd 2. 6 inc de sc (12)

Rnd 3-6. 12 sc (4 round)

Note: at the end of the first leg we cut the yarn and match the fabric. At the end of the second round we do not cut, we continue knitting a stitch slipped and we knit 4 chains, we take a stitch from the first leg and join with a slst.


Rnd 1. We crochet 12 sc over leg 1, 4 sc over the chains and continue crochet 12 sc over the second leg and to finish 4 sc in the chains to finish the round (32)

Rnd 2-4. 32 sc (3 round)

Rnd 5. 14 sc, 1 dec* 2 (30)

Rnd 6-8. 30 sc (3 round)

Color change to light blue

Rnd 9. 30 sc (1 round)

Rnd 10. THA 30 sc

Rnd 11-13. 30 sc (3 round)

Rnd 14. 3 sc, 1 dec* 6 (24)

Rnd 15. 2 sc, 1 dec* 6 (18)

Rnd 16-17. 18 sc (2 round)

We fill and cut long strand to sew to the head.

We crochet the skirt of the amigurumi toy. You can choose the yarn color you use for the skirt as you wish. 🙂

Christmas Little Reni Amigurumi Skirt

We are going to weave with colored yarn


We are located in the strand front of the last stitch of the round 10, we start by making a knot slipped and we passed the chain by the thread, we go up work with 2 chains and in the same stitch we crochet the first stitch of Row 1

Rnd 1. 1dc, 1inc *15 (45)

We close the last stitch with a slip stitch to the first stitch of the round and go up work with 2 chains for the next round.

Rnd 2. 2dc, 1inc *15 (60)

We cut a long strand and match the fabric.

We crochet the arms of the Amigurumi deer pattern. 🙂

Christmas Little Reni Amigurumi Arms x2

We crochet with white color

Rnd 1. MR 6 sc (6)

Rnd 2. 1sc, 1inc *3 (9)

Rnd 3-7. 9 sc (5 round)

Color change to light blue

Rnd 8-10. 9 sc (3 round)

We join the fabric and close with sc. We cut the thread and match the fabric. (It does not have padding) we sew on rounds 14 and 15 on the sides of the body.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the amigurumi Little Reni pattern. 🙂

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