Amigurumi Deer Boris Free Pattern

Embark on a heartwarming crochet journey with our delightful creation, the Amigurumi Deer Boris! If you have a soft spot for whimsical and adorable crochet projects, you’re in for a treat. This free crochet pattern introduces Boris, an irresistibly charming deer ready to steal the spotlight in your handmade collection. Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or just starting, our pattern provides step-by-step instructions to bring this lovable woodland friend to life.

Our Amigurumi Deer Boris crochet pattern is crafted to be accessible and enjoyable for creators of all skill levels. With clear instructions and accompanying images, creating your own Boris has never been more delightful.


MR: Magic ring

sc: single crochet

inc: Increasing

dec: Decrease

TR: 3 single crochets in the same place

ch: chain

sl-st: slip stitch


1. 6sc into MR


3. (sc, inc)×6 (18sc)

4. (2sc, inc)×6 (24sc)

5. (3sc, inc)×6 (30sc)

6/7. (30sc)

8. (4sc, inc)×6 (36sc)

9/10. (36sc)

11. (5sc, inc)×6 (42sc)

12. (42sc)

13. 13sc, inc, (6sc, inc)×2, 14sc (45sc)

14. 14sc, inc, (3sc, inc)×4, 14sc (50sc)

15. 15sc, inc, (4sc, inc)×4, 14sc (55sc)

16. 16sc, inc, (5sc, inc)×4, 14sc (60sc)

17/23. (60sc)

24. (8sc, dec)×6 (54sc)

25. (7sc, dec)×6 (48sc)

26. (6sc, dec)×6 (42sc)

27. (5sc, dec)×6 (36sc)

28. (4sc, dec)×6 (30sc)

29. (3sc, dec)×6 (24sc)

30. (6sc, dec)×3 (21sc)


*eyes (8 mm) are placed between the 11th and 12th rows, leaving 3sc between them.

*We cut the white felt round so that it extends over the edges of the eyes. Before attaching the eyes, we make a hole in the felt at the back of the eye and place it!


1. 6sc into MR

2. (2sc, inc)×2 (8sc)

3. (3sc, inc)×2 (10sc)

4. (4sc, inc)×2 (12sc)

5. (5sc, inc)×2 (14sc)

6. (6sc, inc)×2 (16sc)

7/10. (16sc)

Done, join the two edges together with a single needle, cut the thread lengthwise to sew.

*ears are sewn on the 7th row on the head.


(Do sl-st at the end of each row)

1. We draw 4 ch

2. Skip first ch, 2sc, TR, sc, inc=8sc

3. inc, sc, 3inc, sc, 2inc =14sc

4/5. 14sc

*To sew, we cut the rope into length and fill it with fiber!


(Do sl-st at the end of each row)

(Track 1)

1. 5sc into MR

2. 4sc, inc (6sc)

3/5. (6sc)

(Track 2)

1. 5sc into MRI

2. 4sc, inc (6sc)

3/7. (6sc)

*we combine the two parts with sl-st.

8. dec, 2sc, dec, 6sc (10sc)

9. 3sc, dec, 5sc (9sc)

10. 2sc, dec, 5sc (8sc)

11/15. (8sc)

*We cut the rope long to sew.

*While we knit, we also fill it with fiber!


With blue rope;

1. 6sc into MR


3. (sc, inc)×6 (18sc)

4. (2sc, inc)×6 (24sc)

5. (3sc, inc)×6 (30sc)

6. (4sc, inc)×6 (36sc)

7. (5sc, inc)×6 (42sc)

8. (6sc, inc)×6 (48sc)

9. (7sc, inc)×6 (54sc)

10/16. (54sc)

17. From Flo with blue (54sc), from Blo (54sc) with orange

18. Orange (54)

19. White (54sc)

20. Orange (54sc)

21. 1 stitch orange, 1 stitch white (54sc)

22. Orange (54sc)

23. White (54sc)

24. Orange (54)

25. Orange, 18sc, (sc, dec)×6, 18sc (48sc)

26. White (48sc)

27. Orange, 18sc, 6dec, 18sc (42sc)

28. 1 orange, 1 white (42sc)

29. Orange (42sc)

30. White, (5sc, dec)×6 (36sc)

31/32. Orange (36sc)

33. White, (4sc, dec)×6 (30sc)

34. Orange (30sc)

35. 1 Orange, 1 white (30sc)

36. Orange (30)

37. White, (3sc, dec)×6 (24sc)

38. Orange (24sc)

39. Orange (6sc, dec)×3 (21sc)

40. From Brown Blo (21sc)

41. Brown (21sc)

It’s done, we cut the rope lengthwise to sew.


With brown rope;

1. 6sc into MR


3. (3sc, inc)×3 (15sc)

4/5. (15sc)

6. (3sc, dec)×3 (12sc)

7. (4sc, dec)×2 (10sc)

8. (10sc)

9.We move on to orange (10sc)

10/21. Orange (10sc)

22. White (10sc)

23. Orange (10sc)

24. 1 orange, 1 white (10sc)

25. Orange (10sc)

26. White(10sc)

*Using the orange thread, we connect the two edges with a single needle and cut the rope in length!

*The arms are filled so that the upper parts remain empty.

*It is sewn between the 38th and 39th rows on the body.


With orange;

1. 8sc into MR


3. (sc, inc)×8 (24sc)

4/6. (24sc)

7. 8sc, 4dec, 8sc (20sc)

8. 4sc, 2dec, 4sc, 2dec, 4sc (16sc)

16 hdc with orange from 9.flo, 4sc, 4dec, 4sc (12sc) with yellow from blo

10. Yellow(12sc)

11. White(12sc)

12. Yellow(12sc)

13. White(12sc)

14. Yellow(12sc)

15. White(12sc)

16. Yellow(12sc)

17. Yellow (12sc) from Flo, blue (12sc) from blo

18/32. Blue (12sc)

*The legs are filled so that the upper parts remain empty, the two edges are joined with a single needle and the rope is cut long.

*It is sewn between the 7th and 8th rows on the body.

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