Amigurumi Fawn Crochet Free Pattern

Embark on a heartwarming crochet adventure with our enchanting creation, the Amigurumi Fawn! If you’re a fan of whimsical and adorable crochet projects, you’re in for a delightful treat. This free crochet pattern introduces a sweet fawn, ready to add a touch of woodland magic to your handmade collection. Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or just starting, our pattern provides step-by-step instructions to bring this lovable creature to life in all its cuteness.

Our Amigurumi Fawn crochet pattern is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for creators of all skill levels. With clear instructions and accompanying images, crafting your own fawn has never been more delightful.

Necessary materials:

*Beige and brown yarn Pekhorka “Children’s whim” 50g/225m (or any similar one). Just a little yarn of any other color for


*Hook No. 2 or No. 2.5.


*Eyes on a secure mount 5-6mm.


MR – amigurumi ring

CH – air loop

SL-ST – connecting post

SC – single crochet

İNC – increase

DEC – decrease


1) 5Sc in MR

2) İnc, (1Sc, İnc) x2 (8)

3-24) 8Sc (22 rows)

Fold the handle in half, knit 4Sc on both sides, fasten the thread, leave the end for sewing.

You can fill the first 5 rows with filler just a little bit.


1) 6Sc in MR

2) (2İnc, 1Sc) x2 (10)

3) (1Sc, İnc) x2, 1Sc, (1Sc, İnc)x2, 1Sc (14)

4) (2Sc, İnc) x2, 1Sc, (2Sc, İnc) x2, 1Sc (18)

5) (2Sc, İnc) x6 (24)

6) (3Sc, İnc) x6 (30)

7-8) 30 Sc

9) 2Sc, İnc, (4Sc, İnc) x5, 2Sc (36)

10) (5Sc, İnc) x6, (42)

11) 6 Sc, (4Sc, İnc) x6, 6Sc (48)

12-18) 48 Sc (7 rows)

19) 2Sc, Dec, (4Sc, Dec) x7, 2Sc (40)

20) (3Sc, Dec) x8 (32)

21) 1Sc, Dec, (2Sc, Dec) x7, 1Sc (24)

Gradually fill your head with filler. Insert the eyes between the 8th and 9th rows (counting to the sides from MR: the beginning of knitting the head)

22) (2Sc, Dec) x6 (18)

23) (1Sc, Dec) x6 (12)

24) 6 Dec

Add filler, tighten the hole, hide the thread inside the head.

You can make a slight tightening of the eyes towards each other.


1) 6Sc in MR

2-4) 6Sc (3 rows)

5) (1Sc, İnc) x3 (9)

6-11) 9Sc

Fasten and cut the thread on the first leg. We don’t cut off the second one, we continue to knit the body. At this stage, you can stuff your feet with filler, but then it will be uncomfortable.


Dial 8Ch

12) 9Sc on the first leg, 8Sc on the chain, 9Sc on the second leg, 8Sc on the chain (34)

13) 34

14) 4Sc, İnc, 16Sc, İnc, 12Sc (36)

15) 11Sc, İnc, 7Sc, İnc, 16Sc (38)

16) 2 İnc on the sides (40)

17-26) 40 (10 rows)

27) 7Sc, Dec, 19Sc, Dec, 10Sc (38)

28) 14Sc, Dec, 6Sc, Dec, 14Sc (36)

29) 36

30) (8Sc, Dec) x3, 6Sc (33)

31) 33

32) (6Sc, Dec) x4, 1Sc (29)

33) 29

34) (3Sc, Dec) x5, 4Sc (24)

35) 24

36) (2Sc, Dec) x6 (18)

Sl-st, fasten the thread, leave a long end for sewing.


1) 6Sc in MR

2) 6Sc

3) (1Sc, İnc) x3 (9)

4) (2Sc, İnc) x3 (12)

5) (3Sc, İnc) x3 (15)

6-8) 15Sc

Fasten the thread, leave the end for sewing.

Horns (2 parts):

Brown yarn.

1) 6Sc in MR

2-3) 6Sc (2 rows)

Sl-st, cut the thread.

We knit a second similar piece, attach it to the first, and continue knitting.

4) 6Sc for the first part, 6Sc for the second (12Sc)

5) 6Dec (6)

6-7) 6Sc

Sl-st, leave the end for sewing. There is no need to fill with filler.


1)6Sc in MR

2) (1Sc, İnc) x3 (9)

3) 9Sc

Sl-st, leave the end for sewing, add a little filler.

We sew on all the details. We embroider the nose, eyebrows (or hairs on the head).

A detailed master class on knitting toys can be viewed here.

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