Amigurumi Pants Bull Free Pattern

We continue to share the most beautiful amigurumi patterns. This time, we’re sharing a red pants bull. You can visit our website for the pattern.


ch – air loop.

sl-st – connecting post. (Also called a half-crochet).

sc – single crochet.

polustSn – half-column with a crochet.

inc – increase – 2sc knitted in one loop.

dec – decrease – 2sc knitted together and eventually forming one sc.

Materials and tools:

1. Yarn Jeans Plus from Yarn Art (55% cotton, 45% poly acrylic; 160m per 100g.) This is the main yarn … I have colors: coffee with milk, cream and red … (Less than half a skein!)

2. Yarn Jeans from Yarn Art (55% cotton, 45% poly acrylic; 160m in 50g.) Quite a little creamy – for bull horns! And a little more blue yarn for a scarf.

3. Yarn Begonia from Yarn Art (100% Cotton, 170m in 50g.) Slightly black and white.

Embroider eyes, eyebrows and nostrils.

4. Two buttons – 8mm, to decorate the panties.

5. Synthepukh.

6. Hooks, basic 3.0mm – for the bull itself. And additional, 1.75 and 3.5mm –

horns and tail.

7. Scissors.

8. Needles of different sizes.

9. Tweezers and a stick – like from sushi, for filling toys with synthetic fluff.


Yarn color – coffee with milk and crochet 3.0mm …

Row 1: Cast on 2ch, in the second loop from the hook, knit 6sc.

2nd row: Six inc in a row = 12sc.

3rd row: (1sc; inc) * 6 = 18sc.

4th row: (2sc; inc) * 6 = 24sc.

5 row: (3sc; inc) * 6 = 30sc.

6 row: (4sc; inc) * 6 = 36sc.

7 row: (5sc; inc) * 6 = 42sc.

From 8 to 17 rows, (10 rows), we knit straight! And we begin to close …

18p: (5sc; dec) * 6 = 36sc.

19p: (4sc; dec) * 6 = 30sc.

20p: (3sc; dec) * 6 = 24sc.

21p: (2sc; dec) * 6 = 18sc.

22p: (1sc; dec) * 6 = 12sc.

23p: Six dec in a row = 6sc.

Fill your head with synthetic fluff!

Cut and pull the thread out of the loop.

With a pulled thread, we hook each loop with a hook – there are six of them – and just tighten all the loops into a small circle, use a needle to fasten with several knots and hide our thread in a toy.

We embroider eyes: Black thread …

… we insert the thread from the neck area … (Fig. 1, 2 and 3) When I embroidered the eyes, I also embroider the glare on the eyes, with white thread, I literally do one stitch at a time! After embroidery, I take all the threads back to the neck area, tie and cut!

(My eyes are on two rows – 10 and 11 …)


With a cream-colored thread …

Cast on 4ch + 1ch, and knit from the second loop from the hook.

1p: 3sc; 5sc – in one loop; 2sc; and 4sc – in one loop = 14sc.

2p: (4sc; and 3inc) * 2 = 20sc.

3p: 4sc; inc; 1sc; inc; 1sc; inc; 5sc; inc; 1sc; inc; 1sc; inc; 1sc = 26sc.

4 and 5 rows of 26sc.

6p: 1sc. Cut the thread, leaving a long tip for sewing the moshi to the head!

Sew on:

(I usually flash all the details at least twice !!!)

And during sewing, we fill the mosya with synthetic fluff.

We embroider nostrils and eyebrows:

The thread, all the same, I insert from the neck area …


1p: Cast on 2ch, and in the second loop from the hook, knit 6sc.

2p: (inc; 2sc) * 2 = 8sc.

3p: 1sc; inc; 3sc; inc; 2sc = 10sc.

4p: 2sc; inc; 4sc; inc; 2sc = 12sc.

5p: 3sc; inc; 5sc; inc; 2sc = 14sc.

6p: 4sc; inc; 6sc; inc; 2sc = 16sc.

Row 7 and 8, knit at 16sc.

9p: 5sc; dec; 6sc; dec; 1sc = 14sc.

10p: 6sc, and folding the eyelet in half, tie it along the bottom with 4 sc!

We cut, leaving the thread for sewing …

We knit the second ear in the same way and sew them to the head.


1p: We dial 2ch, and in the second loop from

crochet hook 5sc.

2p: inc; 4sc = 6sc.

3p: 1sc; inc; 2sc; inc; 1sc = 8sc.

4p: 8sc.

5p: 2sc; inc; 3sc; inc; 1sc = 10sc.

6p: 10sc.

7p: 3sc; inc; 4sc; inc; 1sc = 12sc.

8p: 12sc.

9p: 4sc; inc; 5sc; inc; 1sc = 14sc.

10p: 14sc.

11p: 5sc; inc; 6sc; inc; 1sc = 16sc.

12 and 13 rows, 16sc each, cut the thread

leaving a long tip for sewing the horn to the head.

We knit the second horn in the same way !!!

We sew the horns to the head:

During sewing, we fill them with synthetic fluff!


Café-au-lait thread …

1p: We dial 2ch and into the second loop

from the hook we knit 6sc.

2p: Six inc in a row = 12sc.

3p: (1sc; inc) * 6 = 18sc.

4 and 5 rows, straight.

6p: (2sc; inc) * 6 = 24sc.

Sew the neck to the head!

We introduce the thread on the neck between the 3rd and 4th row!

7p: 24sc.

8p: (3sc; inc) * 6 = 30sc.

9p: Straight.

10p: (4sc; inc) * 6 = 36sc.

Row 11 and 12, knit straight! And we change the thread, to the thread of the color of the panties, I have it red !!!!!!!

From 13 to 19 rows, (7 rows), knit straight.

And now we must knit two legs out of the body …

First you need to divide the body in half !!! So that the legs are on the sides, and do not go to the stomach or back, when you do this you will understand everything !!!


The same thread….

Let’s start knitting right away with a decrease! (Fig. 29) With this decrease, we will connect the two sides of the body, forming a leg …

1p: Dec; 7sc; dec; 7sc = 16sc.

2p: Straight.

3p: Dec; 6sc; dec; 6sc = 14sc.

From 4 to 6 rows, (3 rows), knit straight!

And let’s stop for now on knitting this leg, let’s move on to the second …

… We start knitting the second leg, also with a decrease, with a red thread, but leave the tip from the beginning of knitting this thread long !!!!!!!!

1p: Dec; 7sc; dec; 7sc = 16sc.

2p: Knit straight. And now with our long – the end of the thread left in advance, I am sewing a few stitches between the legs …

so that we don’t have holes there! I fasten the thread, cut it and knit further …

3p: Dec; 6sc; dec; 6sc = 14sc.

From 4 to 6 rows, (3 rows), knit straight!

And we knit the same, both legs !!! But with first we change the thread of coffee with milk !!!

We knit …

7, 8 and 9 rows, straight.

10p: 1sc; dec; dec; dec; 1sc; dec; dec; dec = 8sc.

In the same way, we knit the second leg !!!

We fill the whole body, then the legs with synthetic fluff !!! And until we close both legs, making two dec = 6sc on each.

And we close the knitting, just as I described this process for closing the head!


Cream colored thread …

1p: Cast on 2ch and knit 6sc into the second loop from the hook.

2p: Six inc in a row = 12sc.

3 and 4 row, knit straight !!! And change the thread to a thread of the color of coffee with milk!

5p: Knit straight.

6p: Dec; 4sc; dec; 4sc = 10sc.

From 7 to 15 rows, (9 rows), knit straight …

16p: 2sc, cut the thread, leaving a long tip for sewing.

We knit the second handle in the same way!

We fill them two-thirds with synthetic fluff …

Sew on handles on the 7th row of the body.

And the most interesting thing is left for us  …

Pants top:

Red thread and 3.0mm crochet …

We knit right on the goby itself!

On the first row of panties …

1p: 1ch; 6sc.

Rows 2, 3 and 4, in the same way back and forth for 6sc, doing 1ch at the beginning of each row.

5p: 6sl-st, cut the thread. And hide the ends of the yarn …

Now we will tie the straps.

We start in the same way from the bull itself, but from behind …

We knit 1ch, and 1sc for the bull; unfold the knitting and knit already up the strap … (1ch; and 1sc; we unfold the knitting again …) and repeat the action in brackets until the desired strap height. (I have 13sc in it – 13 rows come out!)

And in the same way I knit the second strap!

Sew the straps to the top of the panties – in front !!!

Then, when both straps were sewn, you can decorate our pants, I just sewed on two small buttons of a suitable color …


Two, long lengths of thread – colors

coffee with milk, and a hook 3,5mm….

We outline a place for our tail, then we hook the threads, (two sc on the butt), and knit from the bull itself 6ch …

Then we insert into the last ch, three pieces of cream thread prepared in advance! and tighten everything into a beautiful knot. Cut off unnecessary threads – while aligning the tail.

The ponytail is ready .


Jeans blue yarn, and 3.0mm crochet …

Leave the tip from the beginning of knitting longer !!!

We collect 6ch, one of which is for lifting, and we knit from the second loop from the hook 5 half-empty.

2p: Expand knitting, and knit 1ch; and 5

And so on until the length of the scarf you need, we repeat the second row … I have 73 rows !!!

And at the end we tie both sides of the scarf sc, for this I at the beginning of knitting and leave the thread

long !!! (Arrows in Fig. 50) We put a scarf on the bull !!!

Voila, and the image is complete, and as for me, the bull came out wonderful !!!

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