Amigurumi Fat Cheeked Dog Free Pattern

Jerry’s fat-cheeked dog.

You can knit from any yarn, from shaggy, from acrylic. My Jerry is knitted from Kuzi Klubochkin in one loose thread and acrylic of suitable thickness.

Hook 1.75. Toy height 16cm


ch – air loop

inc – increase

dec – decrease

sc – single crochet

Hdc-half double crochet

Dc – double crochet


We knit with the main yarn from the base up to the neck.

1p-6sc. into magic ring

2p-incx6 = 12sc

3p- (1sc, inc) x6 = 18sc

4p- (2sc, inc) x6 = 24sc

5p- (3sc, inc) x6 = 30sc

6p- (4sc, inc) x6 = 36sc

7p- (5sc, inc) x6 = 42sc

8p-12p-42 sc (5 rows)

13p- (5sc., Dec) x6 = 36sc


15p- (4sc., Dec) x6 = 30sc

16p-20p-30sc (5 rows)

21p- (3sc., Dec) x6 = 24sc


23p- (2sc., Dec) x6 = 18sc


Add filler, insert cotter pin.

25p- (1sc., Dec) x6 = 12sc



We knit with the main yarn from the neck up to the crown.

1p-6sc. into magic ring

2p-inc x 6 = 12sc

3p-inc x 12 = 24sc

4p- (1sc., Inc.) Х12 = 36sc

5p- (2sc., Inc.) Х12 = 48sc

The part will fold a little, don’t worry, everything will straighten out later!

6p-13p-48sc (8 rows)

Connect with the body. Insert cotter pin.

14p-16sc., 8 dec., 16sc = 40sc

Put a marker in the middle of the decrease, this is the center of the muzzle.

15p-12sc., 8 dec., 12sc = 32sc

16p-dec., 28sc., Dec. = 30sc

17p-21p-30sc (6 rows)

22p-15 dec = 15sc

Stuff your head with filler in small portions to fill evenly all the space, especially to highlight the cheeks.

23p- (1sc., Dec) x5 = 10sc



2 details.

We knit with the main yarn.

1p-6sc. into magic ring

2p-incx6 = 12sc

3p- (1sc, inc) x6 = 18sc

4p- (2sc, inc) x6 = 24sc

5p- (3sc, inc) x6 = 30sc

6p-8p-30sc (3 rows)

9p- (3sc., Dec) x6 = 24sc

10p-12p-24sc (3 rows)

13p- (2sc., Dec) x6 = 18sc


16p- (1sc., Dec) x6 = 12sc


18p- fold the ear in half and knit behind both walls 6sc



We start knitting in the second loop of the chain.

1p-inc., 4sc., 4sc in one loop of the base., 4sc., Inc. = 16sc

2p- (1sc., Inc.) X8 = 24sc

3p- (3sc., Inc) x6 = 30sc


Break the thread.


1.Sew the muzzle on top of the convex cheeks. Just be guided by the marker so that everything sews symmetrically. Sew on half of the muzzle and add filler there, then sew to the end. Fill the muzzle medium, but not a little, otherwise it will squeeze a lot when tightening.

2. Let’s start to tighten. We introduce the needle at the very bottom of the morden in the center. Here we will have a mouth, and we withdraw into the right eye, retreat a couple of loops and again return to the mouth, repeat all this with the left eye. You can walk through the same pattern of pull-ups one more time in order to secure the dog’s mimicry for sure.

3. And now we take a black thread and drag the muzzle exactly in half.

Fix the thread in the place where we will have a “leather” nose, and right from above along the muzzle we go down into the mouth, and then return to the nose. Pull the thread so that the muzzle is clearly divided in half. Attach the thread on the nose. The knot will not be visible, we so glue the plastic nose.

4. Sew on the ears just above the cheeks, there are such narrow places on both sides.

5.Glue the spout. In the dimple where our mouth is, we glue the tongue.

We knit the lower lip from the main yarn. 6sc knit in a circle and try on all the time relative to the tongue. It is necessary that the tongue lie flat on the lip, i.e. the lip should be no less than the tongue, but not more than it, approximately the same.

6.After the tightening, we have recesses for the eyes. The choice of the peephole is yours.

Try on all the eyes you have, and determine which eyes are most suitable for him. If there are no such eyes, then there is another option for the peephole. It is necessary to mold two balls from plastic so that they fit your dog in size. Press black half-beads into these balls, such concave places will remain. We will then glue the half-beads into these recesses after the plastic has hardened.

You can glue the eyelashes to the finished eyes, and then glue the eyes with eyelashes on the dog’s face.

I was still knitting eyebrows. Since my yarn was shaggy, I just knitted

chain of 5 ch.

Sew on eyebrows, preferably with bobbin thread matching the color. But if your yarn is very shaggy, then you can glue them with transparent glue, only very carefully, without excess glue.


2 details.

We start knitting with the finishing yarn (the color of the sole). If you want the animal to stand firmly, then you will need to cut and insert the insoles of dense material into the sole.

9 ch then we knit around the chain

1p-7sc., 3sc in one loop of the base, on the other side of the chain

 6sc., Inc. = 18sc

2p-inc. x 2., 4sc., inc.x5., 4sc., inc.x3 = 28sc


Cut out the insoles. I dripped a few drops of clear glue onto the insoles and glued them to my tied feet. This will help the dog to stand very steadily!

We move on to the main yarn.

4p-28sc-we knit for the back walls.

5p-6p -28sc (2 rows)

7p-7sc., (Dec., 1sc.) Х5,6sc = 23sc

8p-9p-23sc (2 rows)

Stuff the foot.

10p-1sc., (1sc., Dec.) X7., 1sc. = 16sc

11p-12p-16sc (2 rows)

13p-dec., 14sc = 15sc


15p- (3sc., Inc.) X3., 3sc = 18sc

16p-19p-18sc (4 rows)

20p- (1sc., Dec.) X6 = 12sc

Add filler.



2 details.

We knit with the main yarn.

1p-6sc. into magic ring

2p-incx6 = 12sc

3p-7p-12sc (5 rows)

8p-inc., 10sc., Inc. = 14sc

9p-20p-14 sc (12 rows)

Cut a piece of wire to the length of the handle, bend the ends on both sides, wrap with adhesive tape and insert into the handle.

Stuff around, but not tight.

21p-decreases until the hole is closed.


We knit with the main yarn.

1p-6sc. into magic ring


3p- (1sc., Inc.) X3 = 9sc


5p-3sc in one loop, 8 sc = 11sc

6p-incx3., 8 sc. = 14sc


Fill the tail.


The muzzle is framed.

We attach the upper arms and legs with a thread fastener.

Sew on the ponytail to the desired location.

Jerry is ready !!!!!

We dress the dog at your discretion and according to your taste.

Pants, overalls, or just a blouse.

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