Amigurumi Sophia Doll Free Pattern




#Dark Gray #CH7

1Rnd-[ch1]1inc, 5sc, (2inc), 5sc, 1inc (18)

2Rnd-[slst,ch1]1sc, 1inc, 5sc, 4inc, 5sc, 1inc, 1sc (24)

3Rnd-[slst,ch1]1sc, 1inc, 6sc,(1sc, 1inc)x4, 6sc, 1inc, 1sc (30)

4Rnd-[slst,ch1]1sc, 1inc, 7sc,(2sc, 1inc)x4,7sc , 1inc, 1sc (36)


5Rnd-[slst,ch1]BLO-36sc (36)

6~7Rnd-[slst,ch1]36sc (36)

8Rnd-[slst,ch1]8sc, 10dec, 8sc (26)

9Rnd-[slst,ch1]7sc, 6dec, 7sc (20)


10Rnd-[slst,ch1]BLO-20sc (20)

11Rnd-[slst,ch1]7sc, 3dec, 7sc (17)

12Rnd-[slst,ch1]4sc, 4dec, 5sc (13)

13~18Rnd-[slst,ch1]13sc (13)

#Soft apricot

#19~38Rnd -Don’t use-[slst,ch1]

19Rnd-BLO-13sc (13)

20~38Rnd-13sc (13)




1Rnd-[slst,ch1]38sc (38)

2Rnd-[slst,ch1]32sc, inc,(1sc, inc)x2, 1sc (41)

3Rnd-[slst,ch1](1sc, inc)x3, 35sc (44)

4Rnd-[slst,ch1]33sc, inc, 10sc (45)

5Rnd-[slst,ch1]10sc, inc, 34sc (46)

6~9Rnd-[slst,ch1]46sc (46)

10Rnd-[slst,ch1]34sc, dec, 10sc (45)

11Rnd-[slst,ch1]10sc, dec, 33sc (44)

12Rnd-[slst,ch1]36sc, dec, 6sc (43)

/Insert the wire in the leg. Add stuffing.

13Rnd-[slst,ch1]6sc, dec, 35sc (42)

14Rnd-[slst,ch1]38sc, dec, 2sc (41)

15Rnd-[slst,ch1]2sc, dec, 37sc (40)

#Soft apricot-(Add stuffing.)

#16~63Rnd-Don’t use-[slst,ch1]

16~17Rnd-40sc (40)

18Rnd-10sc, dec, 16sc, dec, 10sc (38)

19Rnd-1sc, dec, 32sc, dec, 1sc (36)

20Rnd-36sc (36)

21Rnd-6sc, dec, 20sc, dec, 6sc (34)

22~23Rnd-34sc (34)

24Rnd-6sc, dec, 18sc, dec, 6sc (32)

25~26Rnd-32sc (32)

27Rnd-8sc, dec, 12sc, dec, 8sc (30)

28~30Rnd-30sc (30)

31Rnd-(3sc, dec)x6 (24)

32Rnd-(2sc, dec)x6 (18)

33Rnd-18sc (18)/Connecting the body with arms

34Rnd-(1sc, dec)x6 (12)

/Insert the wire in the arms.Stuff the body and shoulders and arms with fiberfill.

35~37Rnd-12sc (12)


#Soft apricot

#Body 37Rnd Follow-up.

38Rnd-(inc)x12 (24)

39Rnd-(1sc, inc)x12 (36)

40Rnd-(2sc, inc)x12 (48)

41Rnd-(7sc, inc)x6 (54)

42Rnd-1sc, inc,(8sc, inc)x5, 7sc (60)

43~54Rnd-60sc (60)/Wrap the tape around the wire.

55Rnd-(8sc, dec)x6 (54)

56Rnd-(7sc, dec)x6 (48)

57Rnd-3sc, dec,(6sc, dec)x5, 3sc (42)

58Rnd-(5sc, dec)x6 (36)

59Rnd-2sc, dec,(4sc, dec)x5, 2sc (30)

60Rnd-(3sc, dec)x6 (24)

61Rnd-(2sc, dec)x6 (18)

62Rnd-(1sc, dec)x6 (12)

63Rnd-(dec)x6 (6)



#Soft apricot

1단-[Magic ring]6sc (6)

2단-[slst,ch1](1sc, inc)x3 (9)

3단-[slst,ch1]9sc (9)

(Photo: B-7,B-8,B-9) reference

Sophia:LACE SOCKS-Hook-2.00mm

#Leg 19Rnd


1Rnd-(ch4, sc)x12

Sophia:SHOE LACES(Make2)-Hook-2.00mm



1Rnd-ch13, Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.


#Soft apricot

#Don’t use-[slst,ch1]

1Rnd-[Make ring]6sc (6)

2Rnd-(inc)x6 (12)

3Rnd-(5sc, inc)x2 (14)

4Rnd-(6sc, inc)x2 (16)

5Rnd-6sc, 2inc, 6sc (14)

6Rnd-6sc, inc, 6sc (13)

7Rnd-13sc (13)

8Rnd-6sc, inc, 5sc (12)

9Rnd-5sc, inc, 5sc (11)

10~34Rnd-11sc (11)

35Rnd-9sc, dec (10)




1Rnd-[Magic ring]6sc (6)

2Rnd-[slst,ch1](inc)x6 (12)

3Rnd-[slst,ch1](1sc, inc)x6 (18)

4Rnd-[slst,ch1](2sc, inc)x6 (24)

5Rnd-[slst,ch1](3sc, inc)x6 (30)

6Rnd-[slst,ch1](4sc, inc)x6 (36)

7Rnd-[slst,ch1](2sc, inc)x12 (48)

8Rnd-[slst,ch1](7sc, inc)x6 (54)

9Rnd-[slst,ch1](8sc, inc)x6 (60)

10~19Rnd-[slst,ch1]60sc (60)



1Rnd-(ch14, 13sc)x6 (6)

2Rnd-(ch14, 13sc)x12 (12)

3Rnd-(ch14, 13sc, co1 skip)x9 (9)

4Rnd-(ch14, 13sc, co1 skip)x12 (12)


6Rnd-(ch14, 13sc, co1 skip)x18 (18)

7Rnd-(ch14, 13sc, co1 skip)x24 (24)


9~10Rnd-(ch14, 13sc, co1 skip)x30 (30)


12~13Rnd-(ch14, 13sc, co1 skip)x30 (30)


15~16Rnd-(ch14, 13sc, co1 skip)x30 (30)


18Rnd-(ch14, 13sc, co1 skip)x30 (30)





1Rnd-24sc, ch1, turn (24)

2Rnd-(3sc,3sc in 1st)x2,8sc,(3sc in 1st, 3sc)x2, ch1, turn (32)

3Rnd-32sc, ch1, turn (32)

4Rnd-4sc, 3sc in 1st, 5sc, 3sc in 1st, 10sc,3sc in 1st, 5sc, 3sc in 1st, 4sc, ch1, turn (40)

5Rnd-6sc, ch6, 7sc skip,14sc, ch6, 7sc skip, 6sc, ch1, turn (38)

6Rnd-38sc, ch1, turn (38)

7Rnd-18sc, 2inc, 18sc, ch1, turn (40)

8Rnd-40sc, ch2, turn (41)

9Rnd-(4dc, 2dc in 1st)x7, 4dc (47)

10Rnd-[slst,ch2](5dc, 2dc in 1st)x7, 4dc (54)

11Rnd-[slst,ch2](6dc, 2dc in 1st)x7, 4dc (61)

12Rnd-[slst,ch2](7dc, 2dc in 1st)x7, 4dc (68)

13Rnd-[slst,ch2](8dc, 2dc in 1st)x7, 4dc (75)

14Rnd-[slst,ch2](9dc, 2dc in 1st)x7, 4dc (82)

15~19Rnd-[slst,ch2]81dc (82)

20Rnd-[slst,ch2]BLO-81dc, slst (82)

※White yarn+Hook-2.20mm, Dress 1Rnd-slst24, ch10

※button at the back.

※White yarn+Hook-2.20mm, Dress 8Rnd-slst

※Sew a button.



1Rnd-[ch1]20sc, turn (20)

2~8Rnd-[ch1]20sc, turn (20)

※Wrap the middle with thread.



1Rnd-[Magic ring](ch2, 2dc, ch2)x3, ch75,

 75sc,(ch2, 2dc, ch2)x3




1Rnd-[Magic ring]6sc (6)

2Rnd-[slst,ch1](inc, 1sc)x3 (9)

3~5Rnd-[slst,ch1]9sc (9)



6Rnd-26sc (26)

7Rnd-(4sc, inc)x4, 6sc (30)

8~12Rnd-30sc (30)

13Rnd-(inc, 3sc)x6 (24)

14Rnd-(inc, 2sc)x6 (18)

15Rnd-18sc (18)

16Rnd-(inc, 1sc)x6 (12)

BABY BEAR:HEAD-Hook-2.20mm

17~18Rnd-12sc (12)

19Rnd-(inc,1sc)x6 (18)

20Rnd-(inc,2sc)x6 (24)

21Rnd-(inc,3sc)x6 (30

22Rnd-(inc,4sc)x6 (36)

23~28Rnd-36sc (36)

29Rnd-(dec,4sc)x6 (30)

30Rnd-(dec,3sc)x6 (24)

31Rnd-(dec,2sc)x6 (18)

32Rnd-(dec,1sc)x6 (12)

33Rnd-6dec (6)

BABY BEAR: ARM-Hook-2.20mm



1Rnd-[Magic ring]6sc (6)

2Rnd-inc, 5sc (7)

3~8Rnd-7sc (7)

※Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.

BABY BEAR: MOUTH-Hook-2.20mm

#Light Brown

1Rnd-[Magic ring]6sc (6)

2Rnd-[slst, ch1](inc)x6 (12)

3Rnd-[slst, ch1](2sc, inc)x4 (16)

※Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing

BABY BEAR: EAR-Hook-2.20mm



1Rnd-[Magic ring]6sc (6)

2Rnd-[slst, ch1](inc)x6 (12)

3~4Rnd-[slst, ch1]12sc (12)

※Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.



1Rnd-[Magic ring](ch2, 2dc, ch2)x3, ch35,(ch2, 2dc, ch2)x3

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