Amigurumi Doll Adele Free Pattern

We share amigurumi doll adele free crochet pattern on website.  Materials and tools 1. Yarn Pekhorka Lacy. Color: harsh, white, mint, bright orange. (You can use any other yarn that is convenient for you). 2. Threads for embroidery of the face. Color: black, pink, blue, brown. 3. Filler. 4. Wire – copper insulated, 1.5 mm. … Read more

Daisy Girl Amigurumi Free Pattern

You can browse our website for Amigurumi Daisy doll and more free patterns. ABBREVIATIONS Mr: Magic ring Sc: Single crochet inc: Increase (make 2 sc in 1 st) dec: Decrease (crochet 2 sts together) BLO: Back Loop Only FLO: Front Loop Only Hdc: Half double crochet Dc: Double crochet Tr: Treble/triple crochet Fpslst: Front post … Read more

Amigurumi Clowness Free Pattern

You can browse our website for amigurumi clown and more beautiful free amigurumi patterns. Clowness MATERIALS: For the doll’s body we need: Threads ALPINA “XENIA”, 50gr = 240m-you can pick up cotton threads of the same footage and weight, very similar to Chamomile. Red threads for the nose of the vest and shoes. Hook 1.5 … Read more