Amigurumi Winter Cute Doll Free Pattern

Hello, your child will love the Amigurumi Winter Cute Doll pattern, follow it for the most beautiful current patterns.


• MR – magic ring

• st – stitch

• slst – slip stitch

• sc – single crochet

• inc – increase

• dec – decrease

• BLO – back loop only


1.6sc into magic ring


3. (1sc, 1inc) 6

4. (2sc, 1inc) 6

5. (3sc, 1inc) 6

6. (4sc, 1inc) 6

7. (5sc, 1inc) 6

8. (6sc, 1inc) 6

Continue with 9-25.17 rows without increasing or decreasing.

Between the 8th and 9th rows, 8 cavities with 9 spaces were attached.

26 (6SC, 1dec) 6

27 (5SC, 1dec) 6

28 (4SC, 1dec) 6

29 (3SC, 1dec) 6

30 (2SC, 1dec) 6

31. (1sc, 1dec) 6 Let’s reduce until we have 2sc.


1.6sc into magic ring

2.1 sc 1inc 9sc

3-23.21 row 9sc


With boot sole color:

1. Go back to 7 chains, skip 1 chain and 5sc, 4sc into the last chain, 4sc, 1 inc.

2.1inc, 4sc, 4inc, 5sc, 1inc

3.1sc, 1inc, 4sc, (1sc, 1inc) * 4,6sc, 1inc

4.1inc, 1sc, 1inc, 4sc, (2sc, 1inc) * 4,8sc, 1inc = 34sc

Sl-st along the row into the 4th row. (Those who cannot do sl-st can continue from the 5th row as blo.)

5. 34sc (I changed the color for this bot.)



8.5sc (1SC, 1dec) * 8,6sc

9.5sc, 8dec, 5SC = 18sc

10. 4sc, 5dec, 5sc = 13sc

11- 21. 13sc

22.flo 13sc

22.blo 13sc with socks color.

23-46.13 sc

47. We will tie the right leg to the left leg with 5 chains in the middle. 13sc from the left leg, 5sc above the 5 chains, 13sc from the right leg, 5sc from the other side of the chain.


Switch to the skin color.

At this time, make a reduction on both sides of the waist 34sc

 -1 row 34sc

At this time, make a reduction on both sides of the waist 32sc

-16 rows 32sc

 In the meantime, let’s pin the arms to the place that will settle on the body. Let’s knit both arms together with the body, from the 3sc arm to the 3sc arm, and join the arms in this order.

At this time, we do not knit the place we knit together by 3sc. We knit the parts of the sleeves that we did not knit * At this time, those who want to put the wire can place the wire.

2-fold reduction from the left arm, a reduction from the front body, 2 reduction from the upper right arm, a reduction from the back body. (We have made a total of 6 reductions in each row.) -Let’s do the above operation in each row until we have 12 sc left.

After we get -12sc, let’s make 4 rows of 12sc and sew the head.


Blouse Part

32sc on 33 chains.

Skip 6sc, 7 chain 5sc, 10sc, 7 chain, 5sc jump, 7 chain back for 6sc buttonhole, connect with sl-st.

Continue 31sc.

1inc, 10sc, 1inc, 10sc, 1inc, 10sc, 1inc = 36

15sc, 1st, 4SC, 1st, 15sc = 38sc

6 rows of 38sc (let’s draw 7 chains for the buttonhole with the last two rows and connect with sl-st)

Skirt Section

Let’s connect the two ends of the blouse and make a double dc to each loop.

Next, let’s do 1 single 1 double dc.

5 rows increment without dc

Let’s make 1 row green color as dc.

Let’s make dc to blo part with 2 rows of orange.

Let’s pull 3 chains on the hem, jump on a sc and sink along the line.

The sleeves of the blouse

Let’s increase the arm part in the first place in two places.

Let’s continue on the next lines.

After knitting 12 rows fixed, let’s make a row with green as flo and one row with orange as the blo and break the rope.

The collar of the dress

Let’s make a row of needles along the collar.


Let’s make a ring with 70 chains.

68 dc on top

Let’s continue 9 rows dc.

Let’s sew it together and put it on the pompom


1.6sc into magic ring (6sc)

2.1sc, 1st (9sc)

3-5. (9 SC)

6.5sc same loop, 8sc (13sc)

7. (13sc)

8.2 dec, 9 sc (11sc)

9 (11sc)

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