Amigurumi Doll Elsie Free Pattern

Pattern Details We continue to share beautiful free amigurumi patterns for you. You can visit our website for the Amigurumi Buck the Amigurumi Doll Elsie Free


Cotton Yarn:

A is beige

B – olive

C is dark olive

D is brown

E is gray

F – black

3mm hook or matching your yarn

Filler, needles, dry pastel

The size of the finished toy is 25cm. Embroider eyes in 10-11 rows at a distance of 5-6 loops.


Ch – chain

Sl-st- connecting column

Sc – single crochet

İnc – increase

Dec – decrease

Dc – double crochet

Hdc – half crochet

Socks, gray-black, 2pcs (color change every 2 rows; beginning of row with ch and

end of row sl-st in 1st column):

color F:

1row 6sc in magic ring (6)

2row 1ch, (sc, inc) x3, sl-st (9)

color E:

3row 1ch, (2sc, inc) x3, sl-st (12)

4row 12sc

color F:

5row 1ch, 12sc, sl-st (12)

6row 1ch, 12sc, sl-st (12)

color E:

7row 1ch, 12sc, sl-st

8row 1ch, 12sc, sl-st (12)

color F:

9row 1ch, 6sc, turn

10row 1ch, 6sc, turn

11row 1ch, 6sc, do not turn and continue knitting in a circle

Translation by Valentin Shapovalov

12-13rowр 1ch, 12sc, sl-st (12)

color E:

14-15rowр 1ch, 12sc, sl-st (12)

color F:

16-17rowр 1ch, 12sc, sl-st (12)

color E:

18-19rowр 1ch, 12sc, sl-st (12)

color F:

20-21rowр 1ch, 12sc, sl-st (12)

color E:

22-23rowр 1ch, 12sc, sl-st (12)

color F: (no further sl-st and lifting loops):

24row blo 12sc

25row 12sc

Translation by Valentin Shapovalov


26-35rowр 12sc

Fasten and cut the thread. On the 2nd leg, do not cut the thread !!! And continue:

35row may need to knit a few more sc so that the legs look with socks


Body color A:

Knit 4ch and connect with the 1st leg, skipping 2 loops from the last sl-st

36row 12sc, 4sc in the chain, 12sc, 4sc in the chain (32)

37-47rowр 32sc

48row (6sc, dec) x4 (28)

49-50rowр 28sc

51row (5sc, dec) x4 (24)

52-53rowр 24sc

54row (4sc, dec) x4 (20)

55row 20sc

56row (3sc, dec) x4 (16)

57row (2sc, dec) x4 (12)

58row 12sc, do not cut the thread and continue

Head, color A:

1row incx12 (24)

2row (2sc, inc) x8 (32)

3row (3sc, inc) x8 (40)

4row (4sc, inc) x8 (48)

5-17rowр 48sc

Insert or embroider the eyes between 10 and 11 rows at a distance of 5 loops. Embroider beige nose

yarn several stitches one row below the eye. Embroider mouth with one stitch 4 rows below

from the nose.

color F:

18-19rowр 48sc

20row (4sc, dec) x8 (40)

21row (3sc, dec) x8 (32)

22row (2sc, dec) x8 (24)

23row (sc, dec) x8 (16)

24row decx8, sl-st (8)

Fasten and cut the thread.

Hands, color A, 2pcs:

1row 4sc in magic ring (4)

2row incx4 (8)

3row (sc, inc) x4 (12)

Translation by Valentin Shapovalov

4row 5sc, bump, 6sc (12)

5row (4sc, dec) x2 (10)

6row 4sc, dec, 4sc (9)

Stuff your hands just below.

7-26rowр 9sc

27row fold in half and knit on both sides 4sc

Fasten and cut the thread, leaving it for sewing.

Dress, color B:

1row 25ch, turn

2row from the 2nd from the hook: 24sc, 1ch, turn

3row (2sc, inc) x8, 1ch, rotation (32)

4row (3sc, inc) x8, 1ch, rotation (40)

5row 5sc, 6ch, skip 6 loops, 18sc, 6ch, skip 6 loops, 5sc, 1ch, rotate (40)

6row 40sc, 1ch

Color C:

7row front loops 40dc, 2ch, rotation

Translation by Valentin Shapovalov

8row 40sc, sl-st, 2ch

Then do not turn the work!

9row (1dc, inc) x20, sl-st, 2ch (60)

10-16rowр 60dc, sl-st

Color B:

17row step in every loop

Fasten and cut the thread.

In color B, embroider the French knots on the dress in random order.

Hair color F:

Cut 30cm strands and attach them in a way convenient for you. Fasten at the border

color transition. You can fill the whole head. The author did not fill out, as he will be dressed

a hat.

Translation by Valentin Shapovalov

Trim the bangs and braid the braids.

Hat, color D:

1row 8hdc in magic ring, sl-st (8)

2row 1ch, (inc of hdc) x8, sl-st (16)

3row 1ch, (hdc, inc) x8, sl-st (24)

4row 1ch, (2hdc, inc) x8, sl-st (32)

5row 1ch, (3hdc, inc) x8, sl-st (40)

6row 1ch, (4hdc, inc) x8, sl-st (48)

7-12rowр 1ch, 48hdc, sl-st

13row 1ch, 48sc, sl-st

The first ear, the front side to you:

1row 1ch, skip loop, 10sc, turn (10)

2row 1ch, skip loop, 9sc, turn (9)

3row 1ch, skip loop, 8sc, turn (8)

Translation by Valentin Shapovalov

4row 1ch, skip loop, 7sc, turn (7)

5row 1ch, skip loop, 6sc, turn (6)

6row 1ch, skip loop, 5sc, turn (5)

Fasten and cut the thread.

Left eye, front side to you, skip 14 loops and attach yarn:

Repeat 1-6 rows.

Make a trim around the entire cap and ears sc. Fasten and cut the thread.

Bear ears for a hat, color D, 2pcs:

1row 6sc in magic ring (6)

2row incx6 (12)

3row (sc, inc) x6 (18)

4-6rowр 18sc

Fold in half and knit 8sc on both sides. Fasten and cut the thread, leaving for

sewing on.


Sew hands in 56 row of the body.

Translation by Valentin Shapovalov

Sew ears on a hat.

Sew a hat to the head.

Brow cheeks.

Your Elsie is ready !!!

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