Amigurumi Blue skirt doll Free Pattern

Let’s start the amigurumi blue skirt baby pattern. You can browse the categories for free amigurumi patterns.

Amigurumi Blue skirt doll Free


1-6sc into magic ring 

2-6inc = 12sc. 

3-2sc 1inc 

4-3sc 1inc 

5-4sc 1inc 

6-5sc 1inc 

7-6sc 1inc 

8-7sc 1inc 

9-8sc 1inc 

10-22-13 row fixed 

23-9sc 1inc (Eyes hang out before this ordinary 2 row .. You can leave 9 or 10sc space.) 

24-10sc 1inc 

25-28-4 row fixed 

29-10sc 1dec 

30-9sc 1dec 

31-8sc 1dec 

32-7sc 1dec 

33-6sc 1dec 

34-5sc 1dec 

35-4sc 1dec 

36-3sc 1dec 

37-2sc 1dec 

we’re over. 


1-10 chains, back to 2nd chain lsc, 7sc same place 3sc, 7sc, 1inc = 20sc 

2-1inc, 7sc, 3inc, 7sc, 2inc = 26 

3-1sc, 1inc, 7sc, (lsc, 1inc) .3, 7sc, (lsc, 1inc) .2 = 32sc 

4-2sc, 1inc, 7sc, (2sc, 1inc) .3, 7sc, (2sc, 1inc) .2 = 38sc 

5-8) 38sc 9-10sc, (1dec, 1sc) .6, 10sc = 32sc 

10-10sc, 6dec, 10sc = 26sc 

11-8sc, 6dec, 6sc = 20sc 

12-9sc, 1dec, 9sc = 19sc 

13-26 (14 rows) = 19sc 

27- 19sc as flo (If you want to ruffle socks; after 27th row again as 3 floats in the same place as the bat. This process continues until the end of the socks around.) Skin color with rope; 

9sc, 1dec, 8sc = 18sc to the blo of the 27th row 

28 to 50 (22 rows). 18sc Let’s go to white color for underwear. 


52-Flo as 3 chain pull the same place bat, let’s do the same process to the end. A ruffle will be formed. 

Let’s switch to the blo of 52nd row with 2 chains. 17sc as blo, 1inc = 19sc 

53-57. Between rows = 19sc 

Cut the rope and knit the other leg. Let’s not cut off the last leg and set it as the baby’s right leg. Let’s align the legs, center their sides and pull 5 chains and tie the right leg to the left leg. 

58-19sc left leg + 5sc from front of chain, 19sc right leg + 5sc from rear of chain = 48sc 

Place your locator at the junction of the two legs. 

59-64 = 48sc 

65- (6sc, 1dec) .6 = 42sc. 

66-68 = 42sc 

69- (5sc, 1dec). 

70-84 = 36sc (Place the wires in the 85th position. Let’s go to the arm description and complete the arms.) 85-Let’s give the needle to the body until the junction of the left arm and take the locator here. Let’s put 4 dicks on the left arm and 4 dicks on top of each other and knit them together. 14sc from the front of the body, 4sc from the body and right arm, 14sc from the back of the body. 

86-Left arm exposed 10sc, 14sc front body, right arm exposed 10sc, 14sc rear body = 48sc 87-Left arm (1dec, 6sc, 1dec), 14sc front body, Right arm (1dec, 6sc, 1dec), 14sc Rear body = 44sc 

88-Left arm (1dec, 4sc, 1dec), front (6sc, 1dec, 6sc), Sdecğ arm (1dec, 4sc, 1dec), rear (6sc, 1dec, 6sc) = 40sc 

89-Left arm (1dec, 2sc, 1dec), front (5sc, 1dec, 6sc), right arm (1dec, 2sc, 1dec), rear (6sc, 1dec, 5sc) 

90-Left arm (1dec, lsc, 1dec), front (4sc, 1dec, 5sc), Right arm (1dec, lsc, 1dec), rear (6sc, 1dec, 4sc) 

91-Left arm 2dec, front (3sc, 1dec, 4sc), Right arm 2dec, rear (4sc,) dec, 3sc) 

92-Left arm 1dec, front 8sc, Right arm 1dec, rear 8sc = 18sc 

93-98 = 18sc  


1-6sc into magic ring 

2-6inc = 12sc 

3- (1inc, 3sc) .6 = 18sc 

4-6 to 18sc 

7-2dec, 14sc = 16sc 

8- 2dec, 12sc = 14sc 

9-32 (24 rows) = 14sc 


1-6sc into magic ring 2- (2sc, 1inc) .2 = 8sc 3-8sc 


Let’s cut 20-23 cm 1.5 “electrical wire for the arms. Tape the ends. Let’s lead the arms with the number 4 skewer and attach the arms to both ends of the wire. You can do it before or after joining the arm. Let’s fold the wire up to 70 cm length and 2.5.1uk wire in half. Let’s fill it very tightly. 


1-11 chain, 2nd chain lsc, 8sc, same place 4sc, 8sc, 1inc = 23sc 

2- 1inc, 8sc, 4inc, 8sc, 2inc = 30 

3-1sc, 1inc, 4sc, 4 hdc, (lhdc, 1inc) .4,4hdc, 4sc, (1sc, 1inc.2) = 37sc 

4- 2sc, 1inc, 8sc, (2sc, 1inc) .4, 8sc, (2sc, 1inc) .2 = 44sc 

5- 44sc with bowknot scroll 

6-8 between 1 = 44sc 

9-13sc, 9dec, 12sc as single railing (switch to yellow for 10th place) 

44sc as 10-sl-st (pull 30 chains to your shoelace and continue to sl-st. 


With white, 

1-46 chain 

2-end to the second chain 1 dick needle, 44sc, 1 chain back frost. 

3- Return 7sc, 7 chains, skip 9sc, 14sc, 7 chains, skip 9sc, 7sc, 8 chains for buttonhole. 

Let’s make 10 rows 42sc between 4-14 rows. (8. Let’s make room for buttonhole). Sew our buttons in the back. 

Let’s make a row of half handrails with white color and connect the two ends of the blouse and go to blue color. 

Handles of Dress: 

1-White rope around the arm with 1 pair of frequent needles along the row. 

2- 24sc 

3-6. Rows 24sc. 

Let’s do the same with the other arm. 


Let’s make two rows of handrails around the collar. 


The last thing we do on the blouse is the blue color. We’il do the whole skirt with a double rail. 

1.Let’s make 2 handrails on each loop along the row. 

2.Let’s make 2 handrails per loop. 

3.11-9 rows without reduction between rows 

Let’s continue the railing along. 

White color with 3 chain the same place frequent needle, 3 chain with the same place frequent needle. Let’s continue this way. In some loops, you can pull 2 3 chains and sink. In this way, you can give a more curved look to the tip of the skirt. 


27 chain pull together the two ends.27 chain pull together in the middle. 8 railings on the first ring formed. Afterwards, 2 handrails in 11 holes. And eight handrails. Do the same on the other side. For the dangling ropes of the bow, make 26 handrails on 28 chains in a separate place and connect them to the 26 handrails by wrapping them with a bow. Amigurumi Blue skirt doll Free

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