Amigurumi Velvet Penguin Free Crochet Pattern

You can follow us for wonderful amigurumi patterns that you can learn with velvet rope. Now I share the penguin pattern with you.

List of materials

Plush yarn of white color and the color of “Cloak” about 0.5 skeins

Yarn for beak and paws

Eyes on a secure mount 18-20mm, if you knit with ready-made eyes

Yarn blue and black, if you knit eyes

Yarn for a hat and scarf (I tried to knit

from YarnArt Jeans and from yarn with wool in the composition

– the second option is softer and more comfortable)

Crochet hook for plush yarn (I crochet 3.5), crochet hook for semi-cotton yarn (I crochet 2), crochet hook for eye yarn (I used 1.25)

Toy filler

Stitching needle, scissors

List of abbreviations

CH – air loop

SL-ST – connecting column

Sc – single crochet

İnc – increase

Dec – decrease

The master class does not contain knitting lessons.

Basic crochet skills are required.

Body head

We start with the legs 2det:

1p: 6sc into magic ring

2p: 6inc (12)

3p: (1sc, inc) x6 (18)

Connect the details:

4p: 18sc for the first part, 18sc for the second part (36)

5p: (5sc, inc) x6 (42)

6p: (6sc, inc) x6 (48)

7-13r: 48sc

14p: 12sc, (1sc, dec) x8, 12sc (40)

15p: 40sc

16p: 10sc, (3sc, dec) x4, 10sc (36)

17p: 36sc

18p: (4sc, dec) x6 (30)

19p: 30sc

20p: (3sc, dec) x6 (24)

21p: 24sc

22p: (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

23p: (1sc, dec) x6 (12)

24p: 12inc blo (24)

25p: (1sc, inc) x12 (36)

26p: (5sc, inc) x6 (42)

27-32r: 42sc

33p: 9sc, 6dec, 8sc, 6dec, 1sc (30)

34p: 9sc, 6sc blo, 9sc, 6sc blo (30)

35p: 30sc

36p: (3sc, dec) x6 (24). If you will use plastic eyes – insert them between 31 and 32 rows

37p: (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

38p: (1sc, dec) x6 (12)

39p: 6dec. Fasten the thread, tighten the hole, hide the thread.


1p: 3sc into magic ring

2p: 3inc (6)

3p: (1sc, inc) x3 (9)

4p: (2sc, inc) x3 (12)

5p: (3sc, inc) x3 (15)

6p: (4sc, inc) x3 (18). Cut the thread, leaving the end for sewing. Try on and sew a beak between 5 and 9 next to the head.


1p: 10sc, from the second loop from the hook 8sc, 3sc to the last loop, 7sc, inc (20)

2p: inc, 7sc, 3inc, 7sc, 2inc (26)

3-6p: 26sc

4p: dec, 9sc, 2dec, 9sc, dec (22)

5p: 22sc

6p: dec, 7sc, 2dec, 7sc, dec (18)

7-9r: 18sc

10p: dec, 5sc, 2dec, 5sc, dec (14) fill the front part a little.

11p: dec, 3sc, 2dec, 3sc, dec (12)

12p: dec, 1sc, 2dec, 1sc, dec (8)

Remove the hole. Fasten the thread, hide it.

Try on and sew on the paws.

Eyes black and blue yarn

Black yarn

1p: 3Ch, from the second from the hook loop 1sc, 3sc to the last loop, inc, Ch lift (6)

2p: 6inc, Ch lift (12) we change the thread to blue

3p: (1sc, inc) x6, Ch lift (18)

4p: 2Sl-St, 1sc, inc, (2sc, inc) x2, 2sc, 2Sl-St

4p: 2Sl-St, 2sc, (2sc, inc) x2, 1sc, inc, 2Sl-St.

Try on and sew eyes

Cloak (in rotary rows)

1p: 2Ch, from the second loop 2sc

2p: 2inc (4)

3p: 4sc

4p: 4sc

5p: 4inc (8)

6p: inc, 6sc, inc (10)

7p: inc, 8sc, inc (12)

8p: (1sc, inc) x6 (18)

9-10r: 18sc

11p: 2inc, 14sc, 2inc (22)

12p: 2inc, 18sc, 2inc (26)

13p: 2inc, 22sc, 2inc (30)

14-15r: 30sc

16p: 13sc, 4HDC, 13sc (30)

17-18r: 30sc

19p: 15dec (15)

20p: 3dec, 3sc, 3dec (9)

21p: 9sc

22p: 9sc Blo

23p: inc, 3sc, inc, 3sc, inc (12)

24p: (1sc, inc) x6 (18)

25p: inc, 16sc, inc (20)

26p: inc, 18sc, inc (22)

27p: inc, 20sc, inc (24)

28p: inc, 22sc, inc (26)

29-32r: 26sc

33p: dec, 22sc, dec (24)

32p: dec, 20sc, dec (22)

33p: dec, 18sc, dec (20)

34p: dec, 16sc, dec (18)

35p: (dec, 1sc) x3, (1sc, dec) x3 (12)

36p: 6dec (6)

37p: 6sc behind the back wall

38p: 6sc

39p: dec, 2sc, dec (4)

40p: 2dec (2)

41p: dec

Cut the thread, hide it. Try on and sew a raincoat on the body of a penguin.


First we knit 2 white details, then we knit black, we attach the white part. Again the black part and tie the white.

1p: 2Ch, with the second from the hook loop 2sc

2p: 2sc

3p: 2inc (4)

4p: 4sc

5p: inc, 2sc, inc (6)

6-9p: 6sc

10p: dec, 2sc, dec

11p: 4sc

12p: 2dec

Sew wings to the body where you finish 2 decrease.


The number of loops depends on the yarn you choose and the circumference of the head of the resulting penguin.

1p: dial a chain of air loops equal to the circumference of the penguin’s head and close it into a circle

2p: 2Ch lift, then DC to the end of the row, Sl-St

3-5p: 2Ch lift, embossed columns to the end of the row, SL-ST

How to knit embossed columns see here (video on embossed columns)

6-10r: 2Ch lift, DC to end of row, SL-ST

11p: 2Ch lift, (1DC, dec) to the end of the row, SL-ST

12p: 2Ch lift, (1DC, dec) to the end of the row, Sl-St

Pull off the hole. Make a bubo and sew on.


Make a chain of air loops of the desired length. Make a 2Ch lift and knit the first row of DC. Rotate knitting, 2Ch lifting, embossed posts to the end of the row. Thus, knit the required number of rows. Our scarf is ready.

Creative different patterns:

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