Amigurumi Pink Cow Free pattern

This cute pink cow amigurumi will be perfect gift for your kids. Lets crochet it with me! Materials Cotton yarn Safety eyes 8mm Bell 2mm crochet hook Abbreviations MR: Magic ring ch: chain sts: stitch(es) sl st: slip stitch sc: single crochet inc: increase dec : decrease dc: double crochet hdc: half double crochet FLO … Read more

Amigurumi Sweet Pig Pattern

For knitting we need (you can use comfortable materials for you): Nubuc yarn in pink and any dark color for hooves hook 1.25; synthetic winterizer; disks 15 mm, 2 pieces; T-shaped cotter pin, 1 piece; wire; glue moment; 2 half beads; white felt; acrylic paints for tinting. Abbreviations Magic ring – amigurumi ring; Sc – … Read more