Crochet Velvet Penguin Amigurumi Free Pattern

Discover the joy of creating your own adorable velvet penguin with our free crochet amigurumi pattern. Perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike, this step-by-step guide will help you craft a soft, cuddly Amigurumi penguin that makes a charming gift or a delightful addition to your own collection. Dive into the world of amigurumi and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of crocheting with our easy-to-follow instructions.

Crochet Velvet Penguin Materials

Himalaya dolphin baby

Hook 4.5mm

Eyes 12mm

Height 20 cm

Amigurumi Abbreviations

MR: Amigurumi Magic ring

sc : Single Crochet

inc : Increase

dec : Decrease

tr : Triple Crochet/ Treble Crochet

st: Stitch

dc : Double Crochet

hdc: Half Double Crochet

slst : Slip Stitch

ch : Chain : make increase into same stitch as many as the number which is given in front of “inc” abbreviation (exp; 3inc, 4inc..).

FLO : Crochet into front loops only

BLO : Crochet into back loops only

Crochet Velvet Penguin Head

Starting with the color of the nose (yellow)

1Rnd: 4 sc in MR

2Rnd: inc*4 = 8 sc

3Rnd: inc, 7 sc = 9 sc

Cut the yarn and connect the yarn in the color of the muzzle (white)

4Rnd: inc*9 = 18 sc

5Rnd: (2 sc, inc)*6 = 24 sc

6Rnd: (3 sc, inc)*6 = 30 sc

7Rnd: (4 sc, inc)*6 = 36 sc

8Rnd: 36 sc

We insert the eyes in rows 6-7 at a distance of 10sc.

Cut the yarn and connect the yarn in the color of the head (blue / purple). Do not forget to fill with filler.

9Rnd: 36 sc We crochet this row for the “back”

Side of the loop: 15 sc for two sides, 6 sc for the front, 15 sc for two sides

10- 12Rnd: 36 sc (3 rows)

13Rnd: (4 sc, dec)*6 = 30 sc

14Rnd: (3 sc, dec)*6 = 24 sc

15Rnd: (2 sc, dec)*6 = 18 sc

16Rnd: (1 sc, dec)*6 = 12 sc

17Rnd: dec*6 = 6 sc

Cut the yarn. Add filler and shape into a circle, pull the hole and hide the yarn.

Crochet Velvet Penguin- Strip

1Rnd: For the “front” side of the 6th loop of white, crochet and crochet 6 sc

2Rnd: turn, ch and 6sc

ЗRnd: turn, 6 sc

4Rnd: turn, 5 sc

5Rnd: turn, 4 sc

6Rnd: turn, 3 sc

7-8Rnd: turn, 2 sc

Cut the yarn, leaving a long end with which to sew the strip to the head.

Crochet Velvet Penguin- Feet

1Rnd: 6 sc in MR

2Rnd: inc*6 = 12 sc

3-10Rnd: 12 sc (8 rows)

11Rnd: (1 sc, dec)*4 = 8 sc

12Rnd: dec*4 and close crocheting.

We do not stuff paws


1Rnd: 6 sc in MR

2Rnd: inc*6 = 12 sc

ЗRnd: (inc, 5 sc)*2 = 14 sc

4-9Rnd: 14 sc (6 rows)

10Rnd: (2 sc, dec)*3, 2 sc = 11 sc

11Rnd: (1 sc, dec)*3, 2 sc = 8 sc

Do not fill the wings with filler.

Fold in half and crochet together 4sc

Crochet Velvet Penguin- Body

1Rnd: 6 sc in MR

2Rnd: inc*6 = 12 sc

ЗRnd: (1 sc, inc)*6 = 18 sc

4Rnd: (2 sc, inc)*6 = 24 sc

5Rnd: (3 sc, inc)*6 = 30 sc

6Rnd: (4 sc, inc)*6 = 36 sc

7- 11Rnd: 36 sc (5 rows)

12Rnd: (4 sc, dec)*6 = 30 sc

13Rnd: 30 sc

14Rnd: (3 sc, dec)*6 = 24 sc

15Rnd: 24 sc

16Rnd: (2 sc, dec)*6 = 18 sc

17Rnd: (1 sc, dec)*5, 3sc = 13 sc

18 row and crochet wings: 4 sc with wing, 3 sc, 4 sc with wing, 2 sc = 13sc

make 1slst to close the body neatly. Fill with filler


crochet by the “front” neck side

1Rnd: inc*13 = 26 sc

2Rnd: (1 sc, inc)*1З = 39 sc

3Rnd: 39 sc

Sew on the paws

Bow tie

1Rnd: 64 ch

2Rnd: 4th loop from the hook tr*60

3Rnd: Similarly on the reverse side

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