Crochet Chubby Bee Free Pattern

The thick bee knitting pattern can be used in many projects, from cozy blankets to cute toys. The feature of this model is its soft and full texture, made using thick threads and large crochet hooks. As a result, you can easily create a bee figure with the materials you have.

Are you ready to try this original and fun model? All you need is a few basic knitting supplies and detailed instructions for this free chunky bee knitting pattern. Come on, get your hands on the knitting needle and enjoy creating a cute bee!

Necessary materials:

For plush toy:

⭐ Plush yarn: yellow (skein), white (quarter skein), black (quarter skein)

⭐ Semi-cotton for eyes and mouth (white, black, blue)

⭐ Filler

⭐ 4/3.5 mm hook for body, 2/1.75 mm hook for eyes.

For semi-cotton, respectively, the main hook is 2/1.75, for the eye 1.25 mm

⭐ Scissors, needle, pins for attaching parts before sewing


MR – amigurumi ring,

sc – single crochet,

sl-st – slip-stitch,

inc – increase, knit 2 sc in 1 loop,

dec – decrease, 2 sc knit together, – change the thread to black,

ch.yl – change the thread to yellow

(number in brackets) – number of loops in a row


Stuff as you knit

1. We start knitting with yellow 8 MR (8);

2.8 inc(16);

3.(1 sc, inc)8 (24);

4.(2 sc, inc)8 (32);

5.(3 sc, inc)8 (40);

6.(4 sc, inc)8 (48);

7.(5 sc, inc)8 (56);

8.(6 sc, inc)8 (64);

9.(7 sc, inc)8 (72);

10-19. 10 rows 72 sc;

20. – 5 rows 72 sc;

25. – 4 rows 72 sc;

29. – 4 rows 72 sc;

33. ch.yl 72 sc;

34. (7 sc, dec)8 (64);

35.(6 sc, dec)8 (56);

36.(5 sc, dec)8 (48);

37.(4 sc, dec)8 (40); cut the yellow thread (3 sc, dec)8 (32);

39.(2 sc, dec)8 (24);

40.(2 sc, dec)6 (18);

41. 18 sc;

42.(1 sc, dec)6 (12);

43.12 sc;

44.6 dec, cut the thread, hide the end inside the body

Wings (white) 2 pcs.


2.7 inc(14);

3.(1 sc, inc)7 (21);

4.(2 sc, inc)7 (28);

5.(3 sc, inc)7 (35);

6.(4 sc, inc)7 (42);

7.-10. 4 rows 42 sc;

11. (5 sc, dec)6 (36);

12. (4 sc, dec)6 (30);

13. (3 sc, dec)6 (24);

14. (2 sc, dec)6 (18);

15. (1 sc, dec)6 (12);

16. 12 sc;

Fold in half and knit together 6 sc on 2 sides. Cut the thread, leaving a long end for sewing on the wings. We give the wings a concave shape, as in the photo.

Mustache (black) 2 pcs.


2.6 inc(12);

3.12 sc;

4.6 dec (6);

5.dec, 4 sc (5);

6.-8.3 rows 5 sc, cut the thread, leave a long end for sewing.

Eyes 2 pcs. MR (6);

2.6 inc(12); cut off the black one, leaving a long end for sewing and embroidering eyelashes (1 sc, inc)2, sl-st,

cut the thread and fasten it from the wrong side

4.attach the white thread to the last black sc, as in the photo: 1 sl-st, 5 sc, 2 sl-st, cut, leave a long end for sewing

We make out

We sew on the eyes as in the photo and mark the eyebrows, eyelashes and smile.

We embroider eyelashes and eyebrows.

We insert the needle and thread from the side of the face and bring the needle to the extreme point of the smile, pull the thread under the markers and insert the needle to the opposite extreme point.

Next you need to fix your smile.

We bring the needle out at one of the middle points and insert it right there, but grabbing the thread of the smile. We do the same with the remaining smile point. We bring the end of the thread to the beginning and fasten it.

Sew the wings to the brown stripe on the back. Sew the mustache above the eyebrows.

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