Amigurumi Beti&Benjamin koala Free Pattern

Discover the charm of crochet with our adorable duo, Beti and Benjamin the Koalas! If you’re a fan of cute and cuddly amigurumi projects, you’re in for a delightful treat. This free crochet pattern introduces Beti and Benjamin, two lovable koalas ready to become the stars of your handmade collection. Whether you’re a crochet enthusiast or a beginner, our pattern provides easy-to-follow instructions to bring this charming koala pair to life.

Our Amigurumi Beti & Benjamin Koala crochet pattern is thoughtfully crafted to be accessible and enjoyable for creators of all skill levels. With detailed instructions and accompanying images, crafting your own koala companions has never been more delightful.

Material list 1

nako paris

2.20 mm crochet hook

6 mm locking eye

9*11 mm oval eye (I used it as a nose)

A pink fluffy rope for the scarf

Material list 2

Kartopu baby natural white

2.20 mm crochet hook

8 mm locking eye

Some beige yarn for the hat

Black tie

let’s start


MRI: Magic ring

Sc: Sc

Inc: Increasing

Dec: Decrease

En: 3 single crochets in the same place

Ch: chain

sl-st: slip stitch

dc: double handrail

Dcinc: double handrail increase


We draw 9 Ch and come back, skip the first one and start from the 2nd;

1. 7Sc, Tr, 6Sc, Inc=(18Sc)(Do sl-st at the end of each row)

2. Inc, 6Sc, 3Inc, 6Sc, 2Inc=(24Sc)

3. Sc, Inc, 6Sc, (Sc, Inc)×3, 6Sc, (Sc, Inc)×2=(30Sc)

4. 2Sc, Inc, 6Sc, (2Sc, Inc)×3, 6Sc, (2Sc, Inc)×2=(36Sc)

5. 3Sc, Inc, 6Sc, (3Sc, Inc)×3, 6Sc, (3Sc, Inc)×2=(42Sc)

6. 4Sc, Inc, 6Sc, (4Sc, Inc)×3, 6Sc, (4Sc, Inc)×2=(48Sc)

7. 5Sc, Inc, 6Sc, (5Sc, Inc)×3, 6Sc, (5Sc, Inc)×2=(54Sc)

8. 6Sc, Inc, 6Sc, (6Sc, Inc)×3, 6Sc, (6Sc, Inc)×2=(60Sc)

9. 7Sc, Inc, 6Sc, (7Sc, Inc)×3, 6Sc, (7Sc, Inc)×2=(66Sc)

10/19. (66Sc)

*eyes are fixed between the 15th and 16th rows, leaving 10Sc in the search.

*Nose for beti; 16.and17. It is placed between rows, right between the eyes.

20. (9Sc, Dec)×6=(60Sc)

21. (8Sc, Dec)×6=(54Sc)

22. (7Sc, Dec)×6=(48Sc)

23. (6Sc, Dec)×6=(42Sc)

24. (5Sc, Dec)×6=(36Sc)

25. (4Sc, Dec)×6=(30Sc)


Draw 5 Ch, skip the first one, starting from the 2nd

1. 3Sc, Tr, 2Sc, Inc=9Sc

2. We turn the entire row with sl-st and cut the rope lengthwise to sew.



2. 2dc=12dc in each stitch

3. (dc, Dcinc)×6=18dc

4. (2dc, Dcinc)×6=24dc

5. (11dc, Dcinc)×2=26dc

6.(12dc, Dcinc)×2=28dc

7. Join two edges with 14dc

1st ear: Make 4Sc, fold the remaining part in half, 5Sc on both sides together.

2nd ear: Make 4Sc, fold the remaining part in half outwards, 5Sc on both sides together.


1. 6Sc into MR

2. 6Inc (12Sc)

3. (Sc, Inc)×6 (18Sc)

4. (2Sc, Inc)×6 (24Sc)

5. (3Sc, Inc)×6 (30Sc)

6. (4Sc, Inc)×6 (36Sc)

7. (5Sc, Inc)×6 (42Sc)

8. (6Sc, Inc)×6 (48Sc)

9. (7Sc, Inc)×6 (54Sc)

10. (8Sc, Inc)×6 (60Sc)

11/20. (60Sc)

21. (8Sc, Dec)×6 (54Sc)

22. (54Sc)

23. (7Sc, Dec)×6 (48Sc)

24. (48Sc)

25. (6Sc, Dec)×6 (42Sc)

26. (42×)

27. (5Sc, Dec)×6 (36Sc)

28. (36Sc)

29. (4Sc, Dec)×6 (30Sc)

Done, we cut the thread into length for sewing.


1. 8Sc into MR

2. 8Inc (16Sc)

3. (Sc, Inc)×8 (24Sc)

4/15. (24Sc)

*We fill the legs so that the upper parts are slightly empty, join the two edges with a single needle and cut the rope lengthwise.


1. 7Sc into MR

2. 7Inc (14Sc)

3/13. (14Sc)

*We fill the sleeves so that the upper parts are slightly empty, join the two edges together with a single needle and cut the rope lengthwise.

Note: After sewing the legs to the body, we fix them to the body with a single pin handle. to prevent the legs from opening sideways 😉

My rope lanoso alara 971

Crochet hook 2.20 mm


1. 8Sc into MRI

2. 8Inc (16Sc)

3. (Sc, Inc)×8 (24Sc)

4. (2Sc, Inc)×8 (32Sc)

5. (32Sc)

6. From Blo (32Sc)

7. (32Sc)

8. We make 1 single crochet and 1 increase from Flo throughout the row.

We knit the 9th and 10th rows without any increases and we are done.

2. We wrap the green rope together with the jute rope or the rope you knitted the hat with, as shown in the photo, and fix it on the hat.

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