Elephant Daisy Amigurumi Free Pattern

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Sc: Low Point Maille Serrée

Sl-st: Petite Maille Slipstitch

İnc: Augmenter Increase

Dec: Diminuer Decline

Hdc: High Midpoint Demi Bride

Dc: High Point Bride

Ch: Chain Chainette

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Pattern – Elephant Girl Amigurumi Doll


Wool or Cotton Thread of the colors: Light Gray, White, Leaf Green.

Black Embroidery Thread.

2.5mm and 3mm hook.

Safety eyes. Or accounts, or buttons, to choose.

Jewelry decoration for the forehead, beads for the shoes, strap for the straps.

Pins, thimble, needle, scissors …




Gray. Crochet 2’5mm

R1 – 7 chain stitches and we cut in the 2nd st: 5sc, 1 inc in the last loop of the chain and, on the other side, 6sc (14)

R2 – 1inc, 4sc, 3 inc, 4sc, 2 inc (20)

R3 – [1 inc, 6 sc, 2 inc, 1 sc] x 2 (26)

R4 – [9 sc, 4 inc] x 2 (34)

R5 – [11 sc, 1 inc, 4 sc, 1 inc] x 2 (38)

R6 – [11 sc, 2inc, 4 sc, 2inc] x 2 (46)

R7 to R12 – 46sc

R13 – 1 inc, 11 sc, 2 inc, 8sc, 2 inc, 11sc, 2 inc, 8sc, 1 inc (54)

R14 to R16 – 54 sc

R17 – 32 sc, (we open a buttonhole: chain 8 stitches, skip 8 stitches), 14 sc (54)

R18 – 1dec, 13 sc, 2dec, 6 sc, 2dec, 15 sc, 2 dec, 6sc, 1 dec (46)

R19 – [2dec, 11 sc, 2 dec, 4 sc] x 2 (38)

The safety eyes go between rows 14 and 15, above the opening and 8 points apart.

R20 – (1dec, 11 sc, 1dec, 4 sc) x 2 (34)

R21- (1dec, 9 sc, 1dec, 4 sc) x 2 (30)

R22- (1dec, 9 sc, 1dec, 2 sc) x 2 (26)

R23- (1dec, 7 sc, 1dec, 2 sc) x 2 (22)

R24- (1dec, 5 sc, 1dec, 2 sc) x 2 (18)

R25- (1dec, 3 sc, 1dec, 1 sc) x 2 (14) Fill tightly.


Put the needle through the bottom of the mouth that we have left and weave everything around. I get 19 points. Go filling while you knit.

11 rows x 19

1 dec per row until 12 sc

8 rows x 12. Or all the laps you need to get a shape you like.

Put in a pipe cleaner, close by frowning, shape it with your fingers.


We will make a chain of 20 chain stitches and on it we will work 19 sc.

The next round is also 19 sc.

From there, we will do two rounds of 18, two of 17, and so on until we finish with the two rounds of 12 sc in which we will close and cut the thread.

As you may have already noticed, we always decrease on the same side, which will give us one side of the piece inclined and the other straight.

When mounting the ear on the head of our Elephantine, the straight side will go up. We fold the final part of the piece a little on each side before sewing it so that the ear is slightly rounded in the auditory area.


Gray. All the leather is knitted with a 2.5mm crochet. 3/6

F1. 6 sc ring.

F2. İnc of sc at all points. (12)

F3. 3 inc, 3 sc, 3 inc, 3 sc (18).

F4. (1 sc, inc) x 3.3 sc, (1 sc, inc) x 3.3 sc (24)

F5. (2 sc, inc) x 3.3 sc, (2 sc, inc) x 3.3 sc (30)

F6. (3 sc, inc) x 3.3 sc, (3 sc, inc) x 3.3 sc (36)

F7-F8. 36sc

F9. 3 sc, 6 dec, 21 sc (30)

F10. 3sc, 6 dec, 1 sc in each stitch of the previous round (24)

F11. (1 dec, 2 sc) x 6 (18).

F12-F20 18sc

Firmly stuff the legs so that they support our Elephantine well. Embroider the nails in black with suitable thread.


(Blank and changing to the 3mm Hook) Once both legs are finished, join

both to make the body. The result of the union of the two will be the sum of the

points of the two legs:

F1-2: 36sc

F3: 1 sc in each stitch and 1 inc in each side. (38)

F4: 1 sc in each stitch and 1 inc in each side. (40)

F5 1 sc in each stitch and 1 inc in front and behind. (42)

F6-F8 42sc (She is an Elephant, so she must have very big panties …) Go filling

F9: (on the inner thread, gray, 2.5 mm hook) 42sc

F10: 1 sc in each stitch and one dec. on each side, front and back (38)

F11: 38sc.-Go filling in

F12: 1 sc in each stitch and one dec. each side (36)

F13: 36 sc

F14: 1 sc in each stitch and one dec. on each side (34)

F15: 34sc

F16: 1 sc in each stitch and one dec. front and rear (32)

F17: 32sc

F18: 1 sc in each stitch and one dec. on each side (30)

F19: 30sc

F20: 1 sc in each stitch and one dec. each side (28)

F21: 1 sc in each stitch and one dec. on each side (26)

F22. 26sc

Close with a slipped stitch. Finish stuffing and sewing to the head.


In gray. Crochet 2’5mm

F1. We do 6 sc in a magic ring

F2. 1 inc at each point (12)

F3. (1 sc, 1 inc) x 6 (18)

F4 18sc

F5. Dec 1, 1sc in each stitch until round is finished (17)

F6: 1 dec, 1sc in each stitch until the end of the round (16)

F7-F20: 16 sc. Go filling

Finish filling. Finish off closing one side with the other of the arm with single crochets.

Sew it to the body keeping in mind that the part of the hand decreases goes inward. Embroider the nail with black thread.

THE TAIL is a simple braid, leaving a plume at the end.


For the chest and back we will make a purse, as a nest of bee.

We knit a chain of 10 +1 and on it 10 sc and 1 ch we turn.

We will make a straight piece, round after round, measuring it with the amigurumi since it depends a lot on the filling that you have put in it, on the situation of the arms, etc.

The front part must have four straps less than the back, which will make it easier for us to dress the Infanta Elephanta by the feet.

Once the two pieces have been worked, we will make a sc round joining them, making an increase in each stitch.

The second round is 1 inc, 1 sc, for the entire round.

From the third onwards we will make a point in each point. Our elephant’s skirt has 12 laps in this way.

The last lap is in crab stitch, which gives us a very nice finish.

Finish off at the shoulder joining the back and front pieces with two large bows.


The shoes are crocheted 3mm. and in green, with beads sewn at the end of the chain-link strips. To knit them we will simply repeat the first laps of the feet: from F1 to F9 inclusive.

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