Amigurumi Birdies Free Pattern

The size of the toys with the materials used is about 5 cm in Amigurumi Birdies Free

What you need:

Yarn 165 m/50 gr

Hook 1.75-2 mm


Eyes 5-6 mm


SC – single crochet

CH – air loop

İNC – increase, knit 2 SC from one loop

DEC – decrease, knit 2 SC together

SL-ST – connecting post

DC – double crochet

HDC – half double crochet


1.6 SC in the ring

2. İNCх6 (12)

3. (1 SC, İNC)x6 (18)

4. (2 SC, İNC)x6 (24)

5. (3 SC, İNC)x6 (30)

6. (4 SC, İNC)x6 (36)

7. (5 SC, İNC)x6 (42)

8-15. 8 rows of 42 sc.

Now we divide the canvas by separating 24 loops, sticking the hook in the opposite direction.

16-21. 24 sc

22. (2 SC, DEC)x6 (18)

We insert eyes of 8 mm between 20 and 21 rows.

23. (1 SC, DEC)x6 (12)

Now we sew the second part of the body for both edges. We knit a ponytail from the same thread.


We collect 5 CH, we make a connecting column in the body – we do this 2 more times. We fix the thread, the tail is ready.

For a curly tail, cast on a chain of 8 CH, from the 3rd loop we knit 3-4 DC in each loop.

Dial CH again and repeat for the other tail feathers.


The two wings are knitted differently.

Dial 7CH. From the 2nd from the hook we knit in a row: 2 SC, 2 HDC, 2 DC. Ready.

For the second wing, we also cast on 7 CH, but from the 2nd loop we knit in a different order: 2 DC, 2 HDC, 2 SC. With a needle we stretch the tail of the thread to the other end.

Sew on the wings.


We fasten a yellow thread just below the eye: leave the tail of the thread sticking out to the side, as in the photo. We make 3 CH and a column in the head, higher than the first point. We draw the thread at the same point where

ponytail sticks out. Tie 2 tails and hide.


We collect 8 CH. In the 4th from the hook we make SL-ST. Again we dial 3 CH and in the same loop SL-ST. For the third finger, we also dial 3 CH and do SL-ST in the same loop. Now we knit 4 SC in a chain – the foot is ready. Sew at the bottom of the body.

Your toy is ready!

I hope you liked it!

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