Amigurumi Angel Baby Free Pattern

We translated and share a great pattern for you. You can visit our website for Amigurumi Angel baby and more patterns. amigurumi angel baby Amigurumi angel baby Legend n – loop ch – air loop sc – single crochet inc – increase (2 single crochet stitches in one loop) dec – decrease (we knit 2 … Read more

Amigurumi Asya Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Abbreviations: sc: single crochet inc: Increase dec: decrease sl-st: slip stitch dc: double crochet hdc: half double crochet ch: chain blo: knitting from the back of the loop flo: knitting from the front of the loop dcv: double railing increase MATERIALS: 1-) Yarn-Gazzal Baby Cotton  * 3442 Claret Red * 3434 Light Brown * 3432 … Read more

Amigurumi Alice Doll Free Crochet Pattern

We share Amigurumi Alice Doll Free Patten with you. I hope you will like it. Follow us for new patterns. MATERIALS: Color wool: Black, white, skin, light blue, yellow. Lace fabric, tape (5mm), aluminum wire, cotton padding, eyes. Needle (1.25mm) Needle: (1.5mm) Scissors, glue, blush, ABBREVIATIONS: sc – single crochet inc – increase dec – … Read more