Amigurumi Tiger Hand Puppet Free Pattern

Tiger hand puppet material list

Orange = 100 g peria xl

Cream = 25 g peria xl

Pink = very little peria xl

Black = very little peria xl

2.5 mm wool needle

10mm locked eye

bead silicon fiber for head


1. 14 Chain, back

2. 13sc from chain 2

Including Rows 2 and 9 (8 rows), knit 13sc.

After completing the 9th row, sc around the 3 edges of the eye patch.

Note: It is kept with the edge that we do not go around, its eyes are placed between the 7th and 8th rows with 3sc intervals, we do not lock the back, it will be locked after placing it on our head.


1. MR 6sc

2. 6inc =12sc

3. (1sc1inc) *6 =18

4. (2sc1inc) *6 =24sc

5. (3sc1inc) *6 =30sc

6. (4sc1inc) *6 =36sc

7. (5sc1inc)*6 =42sc

8. (6sc1inc) *6 =48sc

9. (7sc1inc) *6 =54sc

10. (8sc1inc) *6 =60sc

11. (9sc1inc)*6 =66sc

66sc (19 rows) including Rows 12 and 30

31. (9sc1dec)*6 =60sc

32. 60sc

33. (8sc1dec)*6 =54sc

34. (7sc1dec)*6 =48sc

35. (6sc1dec)*6 =42sc

36. (5sc1dec)*6 = 36sc

37. Blo 36sc

38. (4sc1dec)*6 =30sc

39. (3sc1dec)*6 =24sc

40. (2sc1dec)*6 =18sc

41. (1sc1dec)*6 =12sc

42. 6dec, With the help of the needle, the remaining loops are collected and closed.

Note: The eyes are placed between the 22nd and 23rd rows with an eye patch at 3sc intervals.


Note: Knitting is started from the back of the head by centering it from the front lobe of the loops, between our two eyes. Let’s pay attention to this as we will center the arms exactly.

1. We start knitting by making sc by passing our yarn through the front lobes of the row we knitted from the back lobe of the loops on the head. 36sc

2. (5sc1inc)*6 =42sc

3. (6sc1inc)*6 =48sc

4. (7sc1inc) *6 =54sc

5. (8sc1inc) *6 =60sc

6. (9sc1inc) *6 =66sc

7. (10sc1inc) *6 =72sc

8. (11sc1inc) *6 =78sc

9. 78sc

10. Count 12sc, 11 chains, 12 sc from the body and combine them by sc on the 12th frequent needle. Then we knit 27sc by counting in the 12th sc that we combined, 11 chains, counting 12 sc from the body, we combine it by making sc into the 12th sc. We knit 17sc by counting the 12th frequent needle that we combined. (This time we have placed our arms.)

11. 78sc (we knit at the top of the chains)

78sc (22 rows) inclusive of rows 12 and 33

34. We knit until the end of the row by making a reverse sc.


1. We remove the loop from the place where we put the arm and start knitting 24sc

24sc (13 rows) including rows 2 and 14

15. (2sc1dec)*6 =18sc

16. (1sc1dec)* 6 =12sc

17. 6dec, Gather the remaining loops with the needle.


1. 3 chains, back 2sc = 2sc from 2nd chain

2. 2inc =4sc

3.INC, 3sc = 5sc

5sc (3 rows) including rows 4 and 6


1. 10 chains, back 9sc from 2nd chain,

Leave a long thread for sewing.


1. Mr 6sc

Leave a long thread for sewing.


1. 13 Chain, 11sc from 2nd chain, 3sc,10sc,inc =26sc into same loop

2.INC,10sc,3inc, 10sc,2inc = 32sc

3. (1sc1inc), 10sc,(1sc1inc)* 3.10sc,(1sc1inc)*2=38sc

4. (2sc1inc), 10sc,(2sc1inc)*3, 10sc,(2sc1inc)*2=44sc

44sc (3 rows) including rows 5 and 7

EAR (cream and orange)

1. MR 6sc

2. 6 =12sc

3. (1sc1inc) *6 =18sc

4. (2sc1inc) *6 =24sc

Note: Cream and orange are knitted in the same way.

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