Amigurumi Rosina Doll Free Pattern

Here is an amigurumi doll rosina pattern with pink hair. You can follow us for new patterns. That you enjoy a lot of knitting! amigurumi doll rosina

 Measure: 8,6´´ amigurumi doll rosina


* yarn: Drops Safran beige 21

Dress: white 17 and rose 1

*Needle: size b-1 (2.50mm) crochet hook

* Needle sew wool

*Eyes security: 6

*I peel: wool for enfrieltrar pink colour

*Filling: synthetic cotton amigurumi doll rosina


Rnd: raind

ch: chain stitch

sl st: slip stitch

sc: single crochet

dc: double crochet

inc: increase: to increase you make

dec: decrease: in the next stitch

blo: and back loops only

shell: shell stitch: of 5 dc


Rnd1: beige, magic ring with 6sc

Rnd2: 1inc in each point (12)

Rnd3: (1sc, 1inc) x6 (18)

Rnd4: 1sc, 1inc, (2sc, 1inc) x5, 1sc (24)

Rnd5: (3sc, 1inc) x6 (30)

Rnd6: 2sc, 1inc, (4sc, 1inc) x5, 2sc (36)

Rnd7: (5sc, 1inc) x6 (42)

Rnd8: 3sc, 1inc, (6sc, 1inc) x5, 3sc (48)

Rnd9: (7sc, 1inc) x6 (54

V10 – 18: do all the points (54)

*Place the eyes between lap 17-18 separated by 10bp

Rnd19: (7sc, 1dec) x6 (48)

Rnd20: 3sc, 1dec, (6sc, 1dec) x5, 3sc (42)

Rnd21: (5sc, 1dec) x6 (36)

Rnd22: 2sc, 1dec, (4sc, 1dec) x5, 2sc (30)

Rnd23: (3sc, 1dec) x6 (24)

Rnd24: 1sc, 1dec, (2sc, 1dec) x5,1sc (18)

Rnd25: 2sc, 1dec, 2sc, 1dec, 2sc, 1dec,

 2sc, 1dec, 2sc (14)

* Leave long thread for sewing


Rnd1: do 5ch and 4sc, 1inc, 4pb (10)

Rnd2: 2sc, 6inc, 2sc (16)

Rnd3: 4sc, 8inc, 4sc (24)

Rnd4: do all the sc (24)

Rnd5: 9sc, 3dec, 9sc (21)

Rnd6: 7sc, 4dec, 7sc (18)

Rnd7: 6sc, 3dec, 6sc (15)

Rnd8: 5sc, 3dec, 4sc (12)

Rnd9-30: do all the sc (12)

* go filling with fiber


Rnd1: join the legs, (6sc, 1inc) x 4 (28)

Rnd2-8: do all the sc (28)

Rnd9: (5sc, 1dec) x 4 (24)

Rnd10-19: do all the sc (24)

Rnd20: 8sc, 1dec, 8sc, 1dec, 4sc (22)

Rnd21: 3sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1dec, 2sc (18)

Rnd22: (2sc, 1dec) x 4 (14)

*Sewing the head to the body


Rnd1: beige magic ring 5sc

Rnd2: 1inc in each point (10)

Rnd3-19: do all the points (10)

Rnd20: 3sc, 1dec, 3sc, 1dec, (8)

* Leave long strand to sew


Rnd1: white colour, do 26ch and close

(begins of the waist upwards)

Rnd2: do 26sc

Rnd3: 26blo (leaving leading strand)

Rnd4: 26blo

Rnd5: 26blo

Rnd6: 4blo, jump 5 points, do 5ch, 8blo jump

5 points, do 4ch, 4blo

Rnd1: begins of the waist downwards in colour white, in the rear part of the dress 1sc, jump 1 point, 1 shell repeat 7 times.

Rnd2: change of colour to rose, 1 shell (on of the pb in the previous turn) 1pb on of the shell of the previous turn, repeat 7 times.

Rnd3-8: repeat the 7 shell and sew the lace in the waist.

* Sew the lace at the waist.


Rnd1: do 6ch, 5sc, 1inc, 5sc ()12

Rnd2: 1sc, 9inc, 2sc (21)

Rnd3: 7sc, 7inc, 7sc (28)

Rnd4: do all the sc (28)

Rnd5: 10sc, 4dec, 10sc (24)

Rnd6: 9sc, 3dec, 9sc (21)

* Sew the lace in shoes

* Place the hair of wool for felting and mark the line to the middle of the head. amigurumi doll rosina

* Sew the headband to the hair amigurumi doll rosina

* embroider mouth. amigurumi doll rosina

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