Crochet Bunny in overalls Amigurumi Pattern

Creating an adorable crochet bunny in overalls is a delightful project for both beginners and experienced amigurumi enthusiasts. This step-by-step amigurumi pattern guides you through crafting a charming bunny wearing cute overalls, perfect as a handmade gift or a cute addition to your amigurumi bunny collection.

Using basic crochet stitches such as single crochet, double crochet, and magic ring, this pattern ensures a smooth and enjoyable crocheting experience. With detailed instructions and clear photos, you’ll find it easy to follow along and create your own Crochet bunny in overalls. Ideal for baby showers, birthdays, or just because, this amigurumi pattern is a must-try for every crochet lover.

Amigurumi Abbreviations

Ch-air loop

Mr-amigurumi ring

Sc-single crochet

Dc-double crochet


Sl-st-slip stitch

(….)*6- number of stitches

()-number of stitches in a row

dtr-double crochet

puff st-puff stitch

List of necessary materials:

  • Wolans Bunny Baby-01 (white)
  • Yarn art jeans dress, flower-18 (light pink)
  • Yarn art jeans raspberry berry-59 (bright pink)
  • Yarn art jeans eyebrows, eyelashes-53 (black)
  • Yarn art jeans nose-71 (brown)
  • Yarn art jeans raspberry leaf-60 (light green)
  • Yarn art jeans flower center-67 (light yellow)
  • 2 mm hook
  • 3.5 mm hook
  • 12 mm safety eyes
  • Large eye needle
  • Scissors
  • Small button
  • Filler (holofiber)
  • Lighter
  • Marker or thread of contrasting color
  • Size of finished toy 28-30 cm

Crochet Bunny in overalls- Head

1) 6 in Mr

2) 6İnc (12)

3)(1Sc,İnc)*6 (18)

4)(2Sc,İnc)*6 (24)

5)(3Sc,İnc)*6 (30)

6)(9Sc,İnc)*3 (33)

7)(10Sc,İnc)*3 (36)

8)-11) unchanged (4 rows) (36)

12)(5Sc,İnc)*6 (42)

13) 1 row unchanged (42)

14) 1 Sc, (2, dec)*10, 1 Sc (32)

15)(1Sc, dec)*8 (24)

16)(2Sc, dec)*6 (18)

Insert the eyes between rows 11-12, 6 columns from stem to stem of the eye. Solder with a lighter from the back side.

Fill the head with filler medium, not too tightly, distributing it inside with a needle.

Crochet Bunny in overalls- Body


2)6İnc (12)

3)(1Sc,İnc)*6 (18)

4)(2Sc,İnc)*6 (24)

5)(3Sc,İnc)*6 (30)

6)(4Sc,İnc)*6 (36)

7)-11) 5 rows without changes (36)

12)(4Sc,dec)*6 (30)

13) 1 row without changes (30)

14)(3Sc,dec)*6 (24)

15) 1 row without changes (24)

16)(2Sc,dec)*6 (18), Sl-st

Leave a long end of the thread for sewing.

Fill the body with filler.

Crochet Bunny in overalls- Tail


2)6İnc (12)

3)6Sc,dec (6)

Do not fill!

Sew on rows 6,7,8.

Handles 2 pieces


2)(1Sc,Inc)*3 (9)

3)-5) 3 rows without changes (9)

6) dec, 7 Sc (8)

7)-11) 5 rows without changes (8)

Fill only the bottom of the handle Fold in half, knit 4 Sc for both walls.

Sew the handles between rows 15 and 16.



2)6 İnc (12)

3)(1,İnc)*6 (18)

4)(2,İnc)*6 (24)

5)-6) no changes (24)

7)6Sc, 6 dec, 6Sc (18)

8)6Sc, 3 dec, 6Sc (15)

9)4Sc, 3 dec, 4Sc (12)

10)-13) 4 rows no changes (12)

Fill the leg tightly at the bottom, very little at the top.

Fold in half and knit 6 Sc. Sew between 7-8 rows.


Crochet Bunny in overalls


2)6İnc (12)

3)(1 Sc,İnc)*6 (18)

4)-10) 7 rows without changes (18)

11)(1Sc, dec)*6 (12)

Fold in half, do not stuff!

Knit 6 Sc, fold in half again, knit 3 Sc. sew between rows 4 and 5.

Tightening the muzzle Take a long white thread (I always use Yarn art jeans for tightening), in this case white.

Next, you need to iron the dots. I marked with numbers to make it clearer.

That is, insert the thread into 1 … 2 … 3 and so on.

Embroider the nose with brown thread between rows 12 and 13, grabbing 3 columns, make a couple of stitches.

Embroider the eyebrows in row 8.

Eyelashes 2 Sc away from eyes.


1) Cast on 43 Ch

2) from the second loop from the hook 42 Sc

3) (1Sc, İnc) * 3, 6Ch, skip 6 loops, (2 Sc, İnc) * 6, 6Ch, skip 6 loops, (1Sc, İnc) * 3 (54)

4) (8 Sc, İnc) * 6 (60)

5)-9) 5 rows without changes.

Finish the row, connect the two parts.

10) increase in each column (120)

11) (1 Dc, İnc from Dc) * 60 (180)

12)-15) 180 Dc 4 rows

Close with a slip stitch, cut the thread, hide the end.

To the top of the sleeve, where there was 6Ch, attach a thread and knit 3Dc*6-(18) into each loop.

For the loop, attach a thread and dial 8Ch, make Sl-st into the adjacent loop, sew on a button.

Headband Cast on a chain of 77 Ch, from the second loop Sl-st into each loop. For the flower, take yellow yarn 6 Sc into Mr, Sl-st

Attach a pink thread, 3Ch, Dc, 3Ch, Sl-st.

Repeat 5 times into each column.

Sew the flower and headband to the bunny’s head.


1) in Mr 4 puff st

2) 4 İnc from fluff. st

3)(1puff st, İnc)*4

4)-5) 2 yards Sc (12)

Make Sl-st, fill the berry with holofiber. Hide the thread.

Crochet Bunny in overalls- Leaf

4 Ch, in the 2nd loop dtr, dtr, 4Ch, Sl-st

Do this 3 times, you get 3 leaves.

Sew to the raspberry.

For the handle, dial 65 Ch, ​​Sl-st with the 2nd in each loop. Cut the thread, sew to the raspberry.*

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