Cow Ladybird Amigurumi Free Pattern

Here is a cute amigurumi cow ladybird pattern. Visit our website for free patterns.

Knitted from jarnart jeans threads.

Height is about 20cm.

CH – air loop

SC – single crochet

HDC – half double crochet

DC – double crochet

DV.DEC.- double decrease (three half-loops on the hook)

SL-ST – connecting post

İNC – increase

DEC- decrease

(………) * br – knit specified in brackets 6 times

FLO – front half loop

BLO – back half loop


Black / brown 5ch, with 2nd knit, 2sc, 3sc in 1, 2sc, inc (11)

2.5sc, inc, 5sc (12)

3-4. 12sc

5.5sc, (3dc in 1p with 1 vertex) ‘2, 5sc (12)


7. (1sc, dec) ‘4 (8), cut off

8-10. white / beige thread 8sc

11. (3sc, inc) ‘2 (10)

12-14. 10sc

15. (4sc, inc) ‘2 (12)

16.3hdc, 6sl-st, 3hdc or 12sc

17-18. 12sc, cut off

19.yellow / blue thread 12sc

20.for BLO 12sc

21-22. 12sc

23. (5sc, inc) ‘2 (14)

24.14sc, sl-st cut off

25.for FLO 19 row 12sl-st, holding the part with the hole down, cut


Beige / coffee thread

1.6sc in spacecraft

2.6sc, 5sc (7)


5.2inc, 5sc (9)

6.9sc, 8sc (10)

8.10sc, sl-st, cut off


White / beige and black / brown thread

1.6sc in spacecraft

2. (1sc, inc) ‘3 (9)


4. (2sc, inc) ‘3 (12)

5-6. 12sc

7. (2sc, dec) ‘3 (9)

8.dec, 7sc, sl-st (8), cut off


milky / white

We collect 7 CH, so we knit, 4sc, 3sc b1, 4sc, inc (15)

2.1sc, inc, 4sc, 3inc, 4sc, inc, 1sc (20)

3. (inc, 1sc) ‘2, 5sc, 2inc, 5sc, (1sc, inc)’ 2 (26), sl-st. Cut off.

We mark 6 loops from the sides of the eyes.

From 10th loop of the first eye with black / brown thread dc, hdc, 16sc, hdc, dc, onwards

From the 22nd loop of the second eye dc, hdc, 16sc, hdc, dc, fold the part in half (right side inward), insert the hook into the loops in which we made dc and knit sl-st, then 6 sl-st along the free loops of both eyes, and one more sl-st in both loops, in which dc was knitted. We insert eyes.


Black / brown thread 10 CH, with 2nd knit. Align the marker if necessary., 7sc, 3sc at 1, 7sc, inc (21)

2.1sc, inc, 7sc, 3inc, 7sc, inc, 1sc (26), 1sc, inc, 6sc, (hdc, inc hdc) ‘3, hdc, 7sc, inc, 1sc, inc (33) paste insole if needed

4.for BLO 33sc

5-6. 33sc

7.15sc, dv.dec, 15sc (31)

8.10sc, (dec, 1sc) ‘3, dec, 10 (28)

9.11sc, 3dec, 10sc (24)

10.4sc, dec, (1sc, dec) ‘5, 3sc (18), cut off

11. Blue / Beige 18sc

12.for BLO 18sc (for a ladybird we knit for both half-loops)

13-15. 18sc, sl-st on the left, don’t cut off on the right

16.For the FLO of the 11th row 18sl-st, keeping the leg with the hole up (skip this row for the cow)


Prepare a ponytail tassel: wrap the index with black / brown thread

finger (about 6-8 times), cut the thread

Marker in the center of the right leg, continue to knit along the right leg

1. Blue / Coral 5sc by inc. leg, 12ch, 18sc by l. leg, 12sc by CH, 13sc (60)

2.5sc, 6sc for CH, transfer the marker, 6sc for CH, 54sc (60) / For cow 5sc for BLO,

6sc for CH, move the marker, 6sc for CH, 18sc for BLO, 12sc, 13sc for BLO, 11sc (60)

3-4. 60sc

5.13sc, (inc, 2sc) ‘3, 16sc, (2sc, inc)’ 3, 13sc (66)

6.66sc, white / beige 31ch, with 2nd through black / brown rings 30sc, change to blue / coral

7-11. 5 rows 66sc

12.24sc, (dec, 1sc) ‘3, (dec, 1sc)’ 3, 24sc (60), thread forward for binding

13.for BLO white / beige thread 60sc


15.24sc, 6dec, 24sc (54), cut off

16.yellow / blue 54sc

17.for BLO (7sc, dec) ‘6 (48)


19. (5sc, dec) ‘2, 8sc, 2dec, 8sc, (dec, 5sc)’ 2 (42)


21. (5sc, dec) ‘6 (36)

22-23. 36sc

24. we hold the toy with the hole upwards – we return to the FLO of the 12th row with blue / coral thread 29sl-st, 8ch (as long as possible), with the 2nd we knit 7sc, 2sc, 8ch, with the 2nd we knit 7sc, 29sl-st, cut off – for the lady we return to FLO of the 1st row with coral thread tied in a circle

each leg 18sl-st, cut off.

25. knit further 8sc, 2sc + 2p hands together, 16sc, 2sc + 2p hands together (36)

26.8sc, 12sc on the arm, 16sc, 12sc on the arm, 8sc (56)

27.11sc, 3dec, 9sc, 2dec, 9sc, 3dec, 11sc (48)

28. (3sc, dec, 3sc) ‘6 (42)

29. (5sc, dec) ‘6 (36)

30. (2sc, dec, 2sc) ‘6 (30), thread forward

31.white thread for BLO 3sc, 12dec, 3sc (18)

32.18sc, sl-st

33. hold the toy with the hole up

-return to FLO 30th row with yellow / blue thread 30sl-st, cut off.

-return to FLO 16th row with yellow / blue thread 54sl-st, cut off.


Start with pink / sand thread, continue with white / beige

We keep the marker parallel to the CH chain all the time

With pink / sand thread we cast on 11ch, with the 2nd we knit

1 2inc, 7sc, 4sc at 1, 7sc, 2inc (26)

2.1sc, 2inc, 3sc, inc, 3sc, 2inc, 2sc, 2inc, 3sc, inc, 3sc, 2inc, 1sc (36)

3. (1sc, inc) ‘3, 6sc, (inc, 1sc)’ 3, (1sc, inc) ‘3, 6sc, (inc, 1sc)’ 3 (48)

4-5. 48sc

6.6sc, 3inc, 6sc, 3inc, 30sc (54) cut

7-8. white / beige thread 54sc

9. (7sc, dec) ‘6 (48)

10.4inc, 2sc, 2hdc, 8sc + 8p eyes, 2hdc, 2sc, 6inc, 20sc, 2inc (60)

11.6sc, 5hdc, dec (1 cheeks + 1 eyes), 3sc, (inc, 2sc) ‘4, (2sc, inc)’ 4, 3sc, dec (1 + 1), 5hdc, 34sc (90)

12.6sc, 4hdc, double dec., 2sc, 4sc + 4p ears, 5sc + 5p horns, 14sc, 5 + 5 horns, 4 + 4 ears, 2sc, double dec.,

4hdc, 34sc (86)

13.5inc, 4sc, double dec., 1sc, 4sc on the ear, 5sc on the horn, 14sc, 5sc on the horn, 4sc on the ear, 1sc, dv.dec., 4sc, 6inc, 26sc, 1inc (94)

14.13sc, double dec., 9sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 9sc, double dec., 24sc, 8sc + 8n neck, 11sc (87)

15.12sc, double dec., 11sc, 3dec, 11sc, double dec., 23sc, on the remaining neck loops 5sc, set

marker, 5sc, 11sc to old marker (83)

16.11sc, dv.dec., 11sc, dec, 10sc, dv.dec, 27sc to new marker (78), old side can be

take off.

17.4sc, double dec., 23sc, dec, 14sc, dec, 23sc, double dec., 4sc (72)

18. (10sc, dec) ‘6 (66)

19.6sc, dec, (3sc, dec) ‘5, (dec, 3sc)’ 5, dec, 6sc (54)

20. (7sc, dec) ‘6 (48)

21. (2sc, dec) ’12 (36)

22. (4sc, dec) ‘6 (30)

23. (3sc, dec) ‘6 (24)

We fill the head not tightly and the neck tightly

24. (2sc, dec) ‘6 (18)

25. (1sc, dec,) ‘6 (12) do not break the thread!

Moving on to the tightenings:

-introduce a needle with a long thread through the hole on the back of the head into the right eye under the pupil, bring it back out, tighten the thread, we also do with the second eye, fix the thread in the filler.

– we put it in a loop under the ear, inject through the loop in the middle of the first 4 increments, we bring it out under the second ear and also in the first increments, we take it out to the back of the head, do not forget to tighten the thread, fix it in the filler.

– we draw the thread into a loop between the black and milky row of the eye at the nose, through the loop we draw it into the chin (the second row after connecting the head and neck), then to the second eye and again to the chin, to the eye, then to the back of the head and fix it in the filler. Do not forget to tighten the thread after each transition. We fill the head to the end, distribute the ugly irregularities with the filler, add the back on the back of the head. We add another row.

26.6dec (6), sl-st close knit, cut thread.

Add nostrils and a smile. Done …

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