Amigurumi Cute Velvet Snake Free Pattern

Velvet Snake Free Pattern Here is the amigurumi boa snake pattern that you can knit with velvet thread. Visit our website for free patterns.

List of required materials

– plush yarn (I use Himalaya Dolphin baby): main color (for head and tail) – less than half a skein, remnants of different colors. – quite a bit of YarnArt Jeans yarn or similar: black for eyebrow shaping

– thin cotton yarn (you can floss) in the color of the head to tighten the eyes

– a hook for plush yarn (I use 4) – eyes on a secure fastening 12-14 (I have 12) – filler

– sewing needle, marker, scissors


sc – single crochet

inc – increase

dec – decrease

HDC – half double crochet

sl-st – connecting post

x6 – repeat (x6 – repeat 6 times)

ch – air loop

The toy is all-knitted. Only the lip is sewn on. With an average knitting density and using a 4mm crochet hook, the toy is 140cm in size. Happy knitting to everyone!

I will be glad to see your finished work!

Knitting begins from the head with yarn of the main color, we fill in as

knitting (head tight, medium body):

1) we cast on 8ch, from the second loop: inc, 5sc, 4sc in the last loop, on the reverse side we knit: 5sc, inc.

2) 2inc, 5sc, 4inc, 5sc, 2inc (26)

3) -8) 26 sc (6 rows unchanged)

9) 4sc, 8inc from HDC, 14sc (34)

10) 4sc, (1HDC, inc from HDC) x8, 14sc (42)

11) -17) – 42sc (7 rows unchanged)

the eyes are inserted between 8 and 9 near, the distance between the eyes is 8sc.

18) (5sc, dec) x6 (36)

19) (4sc, dec) x6 (30)

20) (3sc, dec) X6 (24)

Then the rainbow part of the boa begins. We change yarn of different colors every

2-3 rows at your discretion.

21) – 190) 24sc (170 rows unchanged)

Next, change the color to the main one.

191) (2sc, dec) x6 (18)

192) -194) 18sc (3 rows unchanged)

195) (7sc, dec) x2 (16)

196) 16sc

197) (6sc, dec) x2 (14)

198) 14sc

199) (5sc, dec) x2 (12)

200) -202) – 12sc (3 rows unchanged)

203) (4sc, dec) x2 (10)

204) – 205) 10sc (2 rows unchanged)

206) (3sc, dec) x2 (8)

207) -208) 8sc (2 rows unchanged)

209) (2sc, dec) x2 (6)

210) 6sc

We tighten the hole, fix it, put the thread into the toy.


We knit in rotary rows with yarn of the main color

1) we cast on 8ch, from the second loop we knit 7sc, ch, turn

2) 7sc, ch, reversal

3) 7sc, ch, reversal

4) 7sc, ch, reversal

5) dec, 3sc, dec, ch

6) dec, 1sc, dec. fasten the thread.


Velvet Snake Free Pattern We make an eye tightening focusing on the photo. We introduce the needle at point 1 from the bottom of the head in the center of the 8th row, bring it out to point 3, enter it at point 4, draw it out at point 2. Tighten it. We enter at point 1, output at point 5, enter at point 6, output at point 2. We tighten so that the eyes are pulled evenly. We put the threads into the toy. Sew on the lip:

the edge of the lip is applied to the row where the tightening was. We sew to the middle. We embroider the eyebrows. Your rainbow boa is ready!) Velvet Snake Free Pattern

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